Friday, 23 March 2018

King of Kings

Judba Kilam to Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson one of God's attributes is King of Kings. When we use HE we dont refer to gender but to the descriptive nature of His role as a protector, provider and ruler of His kingdom of creation.
We only use our social constructs to try to understand His sovereignty and thats all there is to it. Remember He doesn't need to reproduce as He cant go extinct (can't die) and can create anything with sheer will and power out of nothing.
Not everything is explained via logic but we can also apply abstract thinking.

Bill Johnson to Juba Kilam
Then don’t use the word ‘He’ just refer to it as ‘it’. 
If ‘it’ doesn’t need to produce then for what reason did ‘it’ produce all the life forms that have existed in the past and all those that still do exist? 
And why did ‘it’ allow all those unfortunate life forms that ‘it’ created to suffer total extinction?
Are you suggesting that only the male species are protectors and providers?
By all means apply abstract thinking it can sometime’s be the initial spark that result in many a great theoretical idea coming into practical fruition. 


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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Post 1



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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Muhammad - Sea water and Fresh water

Cowtipper jay to Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson they don’t mix. Explain it and how would the prophet know about this. We worship Allah because he deserves to be worshipped. He is The Lord of the worlds who doesn’t need us. Created us out of a blink of an eye and we are forever in debt

Bill Johnson to Cowtipper jay
If Mohammad believed that salt water and fresh water didn't mix that's fine by me. I've no idea how Mohammad came to the conclusion that salt water and fresh water didn't mix.
The reason I think they do mix is because there's an obvious difference in the movement of water depending what part of the world it is we're on about, there are high tides can take sea water hundreds of miles inland, but of course the strength of the mixture will vary in some instances because of the prevailing weather conditions, also the weight difference between fresh and salt water will in some situations not always result in a thorough mix of the two...but mix they do. 
If Allah didn't need us why did he create us?

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Preparation is the key

Bill Johnson
When taking part in a debate there will always be disagreement at some stage in the exchange of opinions, that’s to be expected in a debate, but there are time’s when things you may say that will result in those opposing you in the debate for them to become clearly irritable, because they strongly disagree with your remarks, and it makes them uncomfortable to hear such comments being expressed with such clarity, and backed up with plenty of evidence to support what your saying and what's already been said.
Even though they may have a strong case that could possibly punch holes in your  argument’s…if what they’ve done is come to the venue inadequately prepared… then this is a big mistake on their part... and in due course you should be able to take advantage of this weakness as the debate proceeds.
Eventually of course it's going to dawn on them by the knowledgable way you have defended yourself, and the flow of factual information you have at your fingertips, with lots of lots of facts and figure that can be used to counteract any rebuttals they may have in store for you in their attempt to unsettle you and disparage your argument.
They will soon realise that because of their lack of preparation their contribution to the debate will be shown to be insipid and lacking of any worthwhile substance.
In this kind of situation they may simply assume that they’ve had enough and have already lost the debate, that’s when their confidence will be at it's lowest, they may already feel like throwing in the towel because they've ready discovered through earlier exchange that you are extremely well versed on the subject that’s been selected for the debate and the impressive way you have presented your information, with transparency and solid evidence to support every word.
So where does that leave them?
It leaves them at a loss holding an empty sack.
And now they find themselves in this embarrassing position because they failed to prepare adequately in the first place…so remember preparation is the key... it's people who come well prepared and are well versed in their subject and always speak the truth when communicating information to other’s, these are the people who will alway come out on top.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Quran to be revealed

cowtipper jay to Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson perhaps it was divine timing for the Quran to be revealed. Look at Islam now. The golden mean of the map or planet laid flat is mecca. Have you seen Mecca from sky view. How they rotate around the Kaaba such as the earth around the sun and moon around earth. It is a testimony to humanity how extraordinary when millions of Muslim are in unison worshipping God in a manner no other faiths can resemble. You don’t believe in God but I do. The very first thing a Muslim says when he converts is. “There  is no God. But God”. You are very close to belief and Allah guides who he pleases. You will never change my thoughts nor will I be able to a change your convictions. Not even yourself. Only God can. 
Also why don’t you look into the scientific facts into even a Quran pertaining to the solar system, the Development of an embryo, the 2 different seas that don’t mix,  the mountains as pegs. Look into those aspects then come to me if you want to get technical. Because Islam covers the obvious which is Science and the unexplainable. Something we humans will never be able to  achieve. You can accept it as unknown. But intellect goes band i. Hand we hearts. After all we are humans with emotions and feelings not only intelligence. We are not robots but made to feel. If you feel there is no God then why are you here replying every message. Something in you is diving deep and I hope you find your peace.

Bill Johnson to cowtipper jay
You don’t say which seas don’t mix, I’m not sure I understand what you mean, I think it may have to do with salt and fresh water, there are rivers that run parallel to each other but never mix, salt water and fresh water do mix at the entrance to Tributaries.
When people walk around the Kaaba all you see is crowds of people in the act of human self-abasement
Why does Allah need all this worship?

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Would you please provide your sources?

Hoath Harbi to Bill Johnson
would you please provide your sources?
which support your claims.
Make sure it's from Qur'an & Hadith

Bill Johnson to Hoath Harbi
I would have thought you would have been able to point me in the right direction so that I can see for myself where it is I may have been mistaken, I would also like to add that I have absolutely nothing to support these claims you refer to, in much the same way that you have no way of supporting the claims with reference to religion that you make. You seem to have the idea that you accept without question everything to be true with regards to religion because the Koran say’s it’s true and because the Koran say’s it’s true, you believe it’s true, I was wondering do you actually read and study the Koran and are you a strict adherent of the Islamic faith? Myself, well I’m not really interested in all the religious hogwash that get’s spread about, but it’s difficult if not impossible to try and keep up with the political ambitions of religion without having to take into account all the hairy fairy superstitious baggage it imposes on people. The three Abrahamic religions that comprise of Judaism, Christianity and Islam are guilty for much of the turmoil the world is suffering because of their absurd nonsensical beliefs that they have imposed on ignorant people over the centuries and still do so to this very day, they are the main instigator’s in the cause of all these wars that result in the destruction of many cities and towns and villages, they cannot deny being involved in mass murder, they cannot deny destroying lives of untold millions of innocent men woman and children in the search for more influence and power, all three of these religions are suppressive, expansionists, authoritarian organisations that are steeped in worldly ambitions regardless of the cost. I suppose that books like the Torah, the Bible and the Koran do have a use in general education because they can be used for reference purposes when posed with questions on whether religion is based on fiction rather than on fact. May I suggest that people should for their physical and mental health and general well being forget all this religious stuff and just let nature get on with what it does.

I don't know...

Bill Johnson to cowtipper jay
In the first instance we don’t know if there is a God…no one does, and they never have known, either in the present or the past.
And I don’t accept that there is such a thing like a prophet anymore than I accept the ramblings of a fortune teller.
But just for now let’s say there is a God, well I think that God would not be in the business of actually speaking to communicate in a way we would imagine one person having a face to face conversation with another person, or an individual addressing an audience for example, my assumption is that God would communicate to a person through emotional feelings, like joy, happiness, sorrow, disappointment and distress. 
I also believe that Arabic/ Semitic was chosen for no other reason than it was the language used on the Arabian Peninsula.

No more prophets after him.

cowtipper jay to Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson doesn’t God need a language to speak to the people? For in the Quran he sent the last messenger who is Muhammad peace be upon him. For there is no more prophets after him. 
Arabic was chosen bc it is very specific in nature unlike English. In the time the Quran was revealed poetry was Arabic’s language true love. For ex There’s a word for sleeping lion vs lion on the prowl.  Another  ex is when you are speaking about an aunt or uncle there’s a word for each side of the parent. Khali for uncle on moms side and umo for the uncle on father side. 
We live in an era where people can read and write more then ever before in the history of mankind. Also I don’t speak nor read Arabic but learn through recitation and transliteration. For me language is not a barrier if God sent a scripture I will find a way. Plus Quran means recitation. So orally you can still learn it. We don’t believe in the trinity but only 1 entity.

What will happen when the sun rises in the west?

Bill Johnson
According to Islam or some Hadith or other…what will happen when the sun rises in the west?
Its also said somewhere in Islamic scripture that the sun sets at night beneath the throne of Allah…does that mean the whole Earth including our solar system will be in almost complete perpetual freezing darkness until the sun comes back out from under  Allah’s throne?  
There’s a Hadith that say’s a fever is caused by the heat from Hell, and I think it was Adam who was rumoured to be up to  90 feet tall, and another thing that’s been heard said is that on one wing of a fly there is a disease but fortunately on the other wing theres a cure for it. I’ve also heard it said numerous time’s that everything in the Koran is the exact word of Allah, and that Allah is perfect and that Allah cannot lie, this must mean all verse’s in the Koran are true, even though the Koran is blatantly contradictory in places
But  don't worry because Islam knows how to solve this problem, and the way it's solved is by the principle use of abrogation to resolve all the obvious contradictions that are so extensive within the pages of the Koran. 
It’s also worth remembering that if Allah is Omnipotent then he can lie?

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Whatever happened to...

Bill Johnson
Whatever happened to all those poor souls that were born and died thousands of years before any of these four dubious characters namely Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad arrived on the scene filling the minds of the people of their particular day with lots of nonsense?


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Souls born in Ignorance...

Bill Johnson
Whatever happened to all those souls who were born in ignorance of an omnipotent God and lived and died thousands of years before any of these four dubious characters Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad arrived on the scene?
That is of course assuming that these four ever existed in the first place.

Friday, 16 March 2018


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I will keep this one short...

Moarth h to Mister Logik
you believe in 0+0=1
You believe in fantasy.
If you're not convinced with real facts mentioned in both Part 1 & 2 of this topic.
Then, what can I say?
I can do nothing to make you believe.
You have eyes 
but you don't see.
You have ears 
but you don't hear.
You have have heart 
But you don't feel 
You have brains 
But you don't understand
May Allah give you the strength to accept the TRUTH.

Mister Logik to Moarth h 
I will keep this one short
You are right in saying there is a difference between fantasy and reality 
Reality = factual and can be proven Eg science
Fantasy = non factual and no proof Eg faith = believing WITHOUT evidence
I do not believe i came from nothing and if you are referring to the origins of the universe then the creationist or religious claim is bs as once again it CANNOT provide proof
Even though science does not have all the answers yet, it is factual and far more convincing than religious claims which are non factual, unfounded, unreasonable and illogical as well as bs.
Have you ever noticed that "miracles" only happen in religion
The rest of your statement eyes, ears, heart and brain bs is part of the propaganda religions use to play with your emotions and is part of the brainwashing process. 
Allah CANNOT give me strength as he does NOT exist and something can only be true if there is evidence to back it up
Allah is a FICTIONAL  guy in the sky who muslims are shit scared of.

Question to the House...Lord Pearson

Bill Johnson
After Lord Pearson put a question to the members of the House of Lords on Muslim grooming gangs in the UK and also said ‘can we discuss Islam without being accused of hate speech’, we later learned from some source or other that by asking these type of questions it was putting the Palace of Westminster in danger, now that remark alone goes towards proving beyond any measure of doubt that some of the people who are in politics know perfectly well that Islam is not a religion of peace…but of course that’s to be expected from those who are simply compromised on the altar of Muslim intolerance.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

The Islamic world has yet to embrace pluralism.

Bill Johnson to cowtipper jay
I think I might be correct in saying that the vast majority of Muslims around the world can neither speak, read, or write Arabic…so why would Allah chose the Arabic language to speak to mankind?
I respect your beliefs, but there is that other one…Jehovah wasn’t he also God Almighty?
Then you also had the Holy Trinity…the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, that’s three God’s in one.
Here’s what Omar Khayyam  had to say to the Almighty…
“God, you have paved our path with a thousand invisible stumbling stones and you have said: woe betide those that stumble.
You see all and you know all. 
Nothing happens without your consent, so how can you hold us responsible for our failures? 
Can you blame me that I object to this?”
By the way the Islamic world has yet to embrace pluralism.

Arabic is the chosen language by Allah

Cowtipper jay to Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson You’re  right I should be using Allah as this term is unique cannot be changed into female or male nor plural form in the Arabic language. It also reads the same backwards. God written backwards in English is dog and can be changed into female and plural form. That is why Arabic is the chosen language by Allah to speak to mankind since you are being technical. As far as Allah knowing the future it’s still our own free will that takes us there and Allah knows are oat present and future. It’s up to you to choose your path.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Lord Pearson questions Muslim gang rape

Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson
Well it seems that these days there are so many politicians in fear of being called a racist or a bigot or even that idiotic byword 'Islamophobic' when they are questioned with reference to Muslim crime in the community, the reply he made was structurally true but he still didn't answer the question he was presented with, this is a perfect example of how an apologist, or shall we say how a dhimmi would make use of evasion in reply to a very important and perfectly honest and factual question.