Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Leeds yesterday morning, a  few photos of the Millenium Bridge,this bridge also goes by the name of the Centenary Bridge, it was opened in 1992 by Michael Howard MP.
I don't think anyone can deny it, the waterfront and it's building compared to their previous condition are unrecognizable and are a credit to the city of Leeds, this bridge is the first built over the river in one hundred years.
The River Aire pictured below with a view of Candle Tower sticking out beyond the tree's, the building get's it's name
Tower/House, after the candle and tallow packing warehouses that used to reside on this site, and also of course because of it's obvious shape.

The photo’s below where taken later in the in Roundhay Park.
It was rather cloudy but still a nice day spent in this wonderful park.
Waterloo Lake is  about 60 feet deep and covers 33 acres.
It's now used for fishing, but there is no longer any more boating on the lake, the lower part now ends in a dam with a grass bank, and it is there at the Dam that there was was once a waterfall, the cafe is just above the boathouse at the other end of the lake where you will be able to have another beautiful view of Waterloo Lake.
Sir John Barran MP who presented this drinking fountain to the park, along with the fountain the Victorian Shelters  have been restored  with the help of the  Lottery fund, the view from this part of the park gives you a wonderful view of Waterloo Lake and the surrounding area.

Below is another photo of Waterloo Lake taken going towards the dam at the far end of the lake.
This lake was built by unemployed soldiers and that's why it's named Waterloo Lake after the battle of Waterloo.
Thomas Nicholson provided the work for the soldiers and it took them two years to build and also landscape what is now a beautiful area.