Thursday, 24 January 2013

Holbeck - Where's all the re-generation ?

The former public house The New Inn on Dewsbury road.
©Bill Johnson
The Spotted Cow and the Kings Arms in Holbeck, desperate times for these local pubs today, I Walked from Roundhay to Holbeck for no other reason but to do my ten mile a day Ramble and was surprised to see so little change in some parts of the area. 
Most of us may have heard of projects within Holbeck, like the Tower Works, and Marshall's Mill, also Granary Wharf, go further into Holbeck and you will find some Tower Blocks have been demolished, but there doesn’t seem to be very much else changed for the better, surely there’s more can be done to improve this area, maybe there are plans for the future I've have not heard of yet, to me it seems everything is in favour of the young professionals who have moved into and around the locality of Holbeck.