Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Eccup Reservoir - Leeds

I took a walk to Eccup reservoir last Sunday, starting from Leeds city centre, I made my way to Scott Hall road and then on to Harrogate road, after a few miles I soon realised that I had walked past my originally planned route of Alwoodley Lane, so continuing a bit further on I eventually turned down this tarmac road and soon arrived at the reservoir, I didn't intend to walk around the reservoir but Sunday was a fine and sunny day so I changed my mind and set off, and did the circuit.

St Johns Church - Memorial Harrogate Road
More on St Johns Church here... 

Not knowing how far it was around the reservoir, I didn't make any plans for the return route I would take back to Leeds by.

I also collected quite a bit of mud in certain areas but it was well worth it.

I returned back to Leeds city centre by the same route I had come by.
I recorded over 17 miles for the day's walk.
More here about the reservoir