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28 APRIL 2015

US tipster Nate Silver: Tories will win most seats – but outcome will be messy
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What a load of codswallop, you talk about sitting on the fence, this man is so indecisive it’s difficult to see what he is really getting at, instead of all this gobbledegook he should just say what he means, but I suppose being that he is a Statistician he is unable to do that accurately because most of his work is based on theory.
Anyway I never accept opinion polls they are nothing more than shallow rhetoric that manipulates public opinion instead of reporting public opinion.

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  • Extreme left wing policy! Go on - examples please.

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    The point I try to make is that it’s not whether he supports extreme left wing policy or not, it what people think he might support that matters.
    You have to admit he say’s he advocates political change by revolution and this by a man who say’s he’s never voted and also finds politics boring.
    Russell Brand will do Labour no favours... he is nothing more than a self serving publicity seeker.

Guardian Report
I’m ashamed of Britain’s aid pledge to Nepal – just 12p each
The anger and shame I feel is directed not just at the British government for its pathetic miserliness. Or even myself. It’s born out of a greater despair at a political landscape that considers poor, desperate foreigners undeserving of our sympathy or of any sense of responsibility to help them.
Katie Hopkins calling drowned migrants “cockroaches” is a symptom of a rhetoric that has come to dominate every side of the political debate. She is describing how we, as a country, as a society, are acting. Collectively we are to the rest of the world what Roman Abramovich is to us.

My Comment to the Guardian report
Why all the anger and shame ?
It’s not anyones fault that the earthquake struck in Nepal.
Everybody does what they can to help, this tragedy as got nothing to do with politics, this is a humanitarian and natural disaster and is the fault of no one, and nobody on this earth could have prevented it.

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    Yet I view posters like yourself to in the extreme right
    Going by your comments
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    That’s fine, I’ve noted your opinion and now I will dismiss it.
My Comment to the Guardian report
Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats are available – again – to form government
This election is going in only one direction and that is in the direction of another coalition, and more of what we have already had I cannot see it going any other way..
Regarding Nick Clegg, well I think he will never be trusted again by the majority of the electorate he’s just not wanted, just a pain in the neck… well he used to be a pain in the neck, now he’s a pain much lower down.
The Lib Dems stood for getting as many of their manifesto promises through as possible, and they achieved a great many of them. ( There was more a lot more)
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A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.

Australians Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, convicted in 2006 of drug smuggling in Indonesia, and seven other prisoners, could face execution by firing squad early on Wednesday morning after last-ditch pleas for mercy fail
The republic of Indonesia has the right to execute these people as they have been found guilty on some terrible crimes and everyone - which includes these people - could know what would be the penalty for commiting such a crime.
So I really do not understand all this fuss because it's so easy: "If you can not do the time do not commit the crime" every one could and should know this!
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There are several people in this world that I find unbearably obnoxious, and you are all of them."

As an Australian I can confidently say that Britain's days as a world power are over. So your elections matter for very little. Now the US elections are where it's at.
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What's the difference between an Australian and a computer?  
You only have to punch information into a computer once. 
Everyone knows British cant fight, they are only good at talking a good game then hiding behind someone bigger. Like during WW1,WW2, Iraq etc. Churchill talked a good game, but he knew if Britain stood alone without the united states they'd be goners.

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I wonder if Ed will be considering taking his friend Russell’s advice…that he should take away corporate power, don’t pay your taxes, don’t pay your mortgages, don’t cooperate, don’t vote, organise, some adviser you’ve got their Ed.
So my advice is this, if your planning to vote Labour be warned because they will tell you they have got what it takes, but what they don’t tell you is… they will take what you've got.
whiskyeyes to Bigrunner
Man, Cameron broke so many promises he made at the last election we all call him Billy Liar in our house!
Here's just a few of the many, promised to keep VAT at 17.5%
promised to keep the education maintenance allowance.
promised to get rid of Quangos but has created 150 more for his friends.
promised to protect the armed forces
promised not to make cuts to the Royal Navy
promised to cut rail fairs each year.
promised to provide 3,000 more midwives.
and the list goes on and on, so put that in your Tory pipe and smoke it.
Bigrunner more like Big time loser.
Bigrunner to whiskyeyes
I cannot anywhere in my comment see were I even mentioned David Cameron, so maybe your correct.

All these people on here, spouting off about Ed and his 'mate' Russell and how he's hanging around him to get advice... Do remind me a lot of the type of people who slag off a book or film without seeing it first. Maybe they're the same people?
Even before we see the interview, one thing we do know - Cameron has tried his best to disenfranchise the young and the poor; Miliband is trying his best to get them to vote.
As far as attitude to voting is concerned Cameron has more in common with Brand than has Miliband. Much more.

My Comment reply to ralphmilnefanclub
So you don’t think it was advice he was going for then ?
Don’t take the young for fools, what do you expect them to do follow him like the pied piper because he visited Russell Brand.
Young voters today are for more savvy than to fall for that nonsense.

Gulonogamma to Bigrunner
I wonder if Ed will be considering taking his friend Russell’s advice…that he should take away corporate power, don’t pay your taxes,
That's not and has never been Brand's argument. On the contrary, he campaigns against tax dodgers and supports UKUNCUT who fight corporate tax dodgers.
But thanks for demonstrating that you know nothing about him or his arguments
My reply comment to Gulonogamma
Russell Brand’s argument is whatever the topic at the present time is in the news that will enable himself to remain in the public eye, your UKUNCUT protest group is another insignificant mob that he’s attached himself to like a leech.
Some people will follow him anywhere but most only do it out of rank morbid curiosity.
Yeah, Cameron needs to be quiet now. Miliband went and took part in an interview with someone who is very frustrated with politics and appeals to millions of people.
Bigrunner  to AskJeeves
Where is your evidence that Russell Brand appeals to millions of young people ?
to Bigrunner
Er, let's think...oh yes, he has over 9 million followers on Twitter....I'm guessing they are not in the main, oldies or middle-aged bankers....hope you can remove your foot from your mouth in time for next Thursday...
to Bigrunner
Where is your evidence that Russell Brand appeals to millions of young people ?
Hmm. Are you actually serious??
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I think it’s you who have put your foot in your very own mouth, what a ridiculous comment you make, you can have 20 million followers on Twitter for all I care, it doesn’t mean their your adoring fans or that you appeal to them, many are just there out of curiosity, many more are there to follow and mock, really you should be more aware of the world about you.
Bigrunner  jympton
Of course I’m serious.