Sunday, 26 April 2015

You can’t dislike Boris Johnson, but let’s be realistic who in their right minds could honestly say he is an asset to any campaign
he is so ridiculous and pompous, obviously his position and standing in politics is the result of who he knows and not what he knows, you have to laugh with him and his demeanour is hilarious.
You can’t dislike Boris Johnson
I find him to be malicious, arrogant, elitist. Oafish as well as sociopathic. Really a vile man. It baffles me how anyone can like him at all.
26 Apr 2015 20:35
He was funny for about 10 minutes. Then we realised.

26 Apr 2015 20:15
Oh you can! Menace poorly disguised by buffoonery

You certainly can dislike him. He uses his bumbling but seemingly harmless and moderately amusing public persona to offer a benign veneer to a malignant ideology; and too many fall for it. Look closely to observe Katie Hopkin's opinions sweetened by a Kate Middleton standard of PR.

You can’t dislike Boris Johnson
Oh, I think you'll find you can. Quite easily.

26 Apr 2015 20:02
I dislike him!

26 Apr 2015 20:05
In response to Bigrunner
I used to find him funny. 
Then he got the job as Mayor, and the jokes and persona were no longer funny.

To Bigrunner
If I can't dislike a person who for years as a means of social control has been giving away public open space in my city to his already-minted chums then, please enlighten me, just what the bloody hell can I do to show my approval?
OK, perhaps: "I like the way that he's lifted the beacon-of-integrity mantle from Lutfur Rahman's shoulders.


I can, quite easily thanks!He's an example of everything that's wrong with this country, a pompous, nasty lightweight who thinks he was born to rule without any of the intellect to do so, relying on connections & the old boys network to protect him & get him jobs in the past.He's turned into a caricature of a Tory buffoon, I wouldn't trust him to go to the shops for me...