Wednesday, 22 April 2015


The increase is not because millions of people have suddenly become poor there have always been poor people, some can't help themselves and need help urgently I agree.
The Trussell Trust goes around the country getting Churches to set up food banks and the Church pay a fee to the Trussell Trust including a small annual donation and they must use the Trussell brand.

Then you have the other the free loaders who stock up from the Food Bank, then saunter down the road and into the local mini market to top up their new iPhone, buy a bunch of scratch cards, cigarettes for the week and other non-essentials with the money they have saved, yes saved on food they got for free from the Food Bank, then off home they go watch their 55' plasma television.

Reply from Newlampsforold to bigrunner
And here we have a classic case of the result of reading papers such as the Daily Mail on a regular basis folks.
People who write comments such as this actually believe this disgraceful rubbish.
I really don't think the words 'selfish' and lack of ' empathy' can fully describe people such as this.
I only hope that somewhere down the line they get a chance to experience real poverty themselves and their ridiculous ideas of 55 inch TV's , iphones etc will rapidly go out the window.
Hopefully they will encounter similar people to themselves and find similar amounts of non sympathy and understanding. Only way they'll truly learn.