Friday, 24 April 2015


Report from the Guardian - 24-4-2015
Listening to people who have been referred to West Cheshire food bank, where I work, can be emotionally draining. 
How would you respond to a young girl who has been ripping out her own hair because she can’t cope? 

To a former soldier with a serious illness who is violently sick every time he takes his medication because you’re meant to take it on a full stomach?

Or to a mother, whose husband has left her, and now has no income and two children to look after? She’s starting a new job on Monday but won’t get paid for over a month. Until then, she has nothing.

My Comment on Food banks
Food banks are an absolute disgrace and are perpetuated by the likes of the free loading Trussell Trust, long before food banks came into existence
there was poverty and people coped with the every day struggle of making ends meet without handouts.
Many of the people who use these food banks are in genuine need and food banks are a life line for them.
These food banks are also a source of abuse by some people who have no real need of them and just take advantage of the system and load up with free handouts whenever and wherever they can get away with it.
The  three anecdotes that have been given above regarding the  young girl, the soldier and the woman with children deserted by her husband can of course not be verified, and they appear to be just inserted in the report to add some sort of credibility to the story. 

My Comment on Mali, Niger, Somalia, Eritrea and Libya
Mali, Niger, Somalia, Eritrea and Libya hoards of people fleeing their homeland and travelling for weeks and hundreds of miles desperate and without sufficient food and water many are woman with young children in tow this is a tragedy and they must be helped.  
But there is another side to the coin and it seems questionable in some cases at least when you look at the film/video footage we are getting from the news output, many of these are young men who certainly do not look under nourished through lack of food and want, and some even seem to be able to speak English fluently, of course the authorities will be aware of these individuals and will be doing their best to filter out those who are entering under the guise of asylum, but who in reality have other deceitful motives for entering Europe.
  • BigNorbert to Bigrunner
    Your anecdote about people using food banks to get free hand outs just because they can is unsubstantiated as well. In fact there's nothing to indicate it's not just a figment of your imagination, and as the only other people I've ever heard make these claims have been Tory MP's working for IDS, "unverified" is being extremely generous to you.

    Bigrunner to BigNorbert
    If you can prove to me that their is no single individual who’s never taken advantage of a food bank when it was not necessary for them to do so, then I will accept your assumption, because that is all you are making in your assumption, I know people who have done it and still do abuse it when they can and that is not a figment of my should know people take advantage of the free hand outs when they can get away with it, it is done all the time don’t let them fool you.

I worked at what was the Job Centre in the early 1990's. At that time government set a minimum amount that a person was able to live on, this was written into law. No doubt the tories have repealed the legislation which is the prime reason for the rise in poverty. A very small minority of welfare claimants abuse the system choosing it as a life style choice but the majority do not. The whole persona of this country has changed and not for the better, people are more interested in what so called celebrities are up to and drugged up on "reality" tv. The fabric of a civilised society is being eroded on purpose by politicians on the right and possibly also those on the centre ground. It will not end well, the time will come when a "peasants revolt" will happen. The poll tax riots and unrest in London in 2011 will be like a church garden fete, a dog can only be kicked a certain number of times before it bites you on the back side.
  • Bigrunner kimorris
    To say that the fabric of society is been eroded on purpose by politicians is a touch too dramatic to say the least, politicians have to live in society also and your peasant revolt is laughable, you comment implies you would like to see chaos and crime caused by rioting across the country, maybe you’ve been watching far too much television drama.

Jimi Scândaľ to Bigrunner
I have no idea how you and others claim freeloaders can abuse food banks. To gain access to food banks you have to receive a voucher, and these vouchers only entitle you to one visit. Furthermore, these vouchers are only given out by Social Workers, GP's, charities and Citizens advice bureau representatives (my local GP surgery does not though). How did people cope in the past, with the every day struggle of making ends meet? Some had large family networks and a caring community around them, but others turned to petty crime, alcoholism, drugs and the rest perished. I don't want to live in one of the richest countries in the world, and see a single person starve, and neither should anyone else with a single shred of conscience.
My reply comment to Jimi Scandal
I can assure you I live in the real world and know food banks are used in an inappropriate way, the vouchers and sometimes the food obtained by these vouchers can and are exchanged for drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol etc; also there are charities where vouchers my not always be needed,  and remember there are still many large families in the UK today who help each other out, some members of that same family my have council property of their own and yet rely on their family and even live with them while at the same time their very own flat or house paid for from benefits remains half furnished and empty most of the time, yet they are still able to obtain food aid, a percentage of them are on the fiddle and everybody knows it, but then there are those who decide to turn a blind eye.