Thursday, 30 April 2015

Bigrunner - The evil drug trade
The drug trade is abhorrent and those who trade in drugs deserve the severest of 
punishments but taking their life is also abhorrent and not acceptable and should 
never be allowed in a civilised society. 
Therefore along with those Indonesian uncivilised leaders you should also include the uncivilised leaders of United States, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, 
Yemen and others no doubt.
Bigrunner - Lib-Dem grabbing at Straws
Nick Clegg and Danny Alexander have now decided to come clean., or something like that.
Their flagrant promise’s made in public regarding student fees that were suddenly cast aside without a second glance once they were in power, and now there is more treachery in the offering, betrayal seems to be a byword for the LibDem’s theses days.
A handful may have liked Nick Clegg and his approach to politics originally, but millions now don’t and would be happy see his departure along with the rest of the LibDem’s.