Tuesday, 28 April 2015


All religion is fake, and monstrously immoral it allows the most wicked and evil things you can imagine to happen, those idiots who deny medicine to their children that would keep these children alive just on the basis of their religion, all because of immoral and barbaric stupid made made rules that forbid it.
What about man made rules that compel women to live their lives subordinate to men ?
Religion oppresses, it’s violent it’s divisive and cruel, young children and babies who are mutilated by circumcision.
Young children who are told they were in sin before they were born.
Then you have to praise and worship and love and fear all at the same time something that doesn’t even exist, that if it had not been forced on you by dire punishment and eternal damnation you would have been unaware of it.
All religion was moulded in different ways in the minds of men with different Gods and different aims all invented at a whim with silly stories attached just to control and put the population of millions in fear by a few megalomaniacs the world over.
All this is false and spread by charlatans and should be rejected for their lies and their false and cruel preaching and the practices they impose on people.