Thursday, 14 May 2015

14th May 2015

Dar-ell to Bigrunner
well, i'd pick you up on Aussie beer - agreed, 4X and Fosters are grim, but almost impossible to find here. VB is popular among the lower orders, but has a taste reminiscent of the scent of the changing rooms at the municipal gym i use.
However - there's an awful lot of excellent craft beers here; the place is full of hipsters, for god's sake, but unlike their USA version, they abhor PBR and go for the microbrewed stuff, and some stuff that appears to be microbrewed but is owned by big companies. 
Little Creatures from the far west, Four Pines, 2 Brothers, Beechworth, Squires, are all delightful; Can be pricey though, i paid $18 for a pint of porter recently. There's a pub near me that sells only Victoria-made products - all the wine, beer and food is from here, and they have a massive selection . Perhaps that's why pubs here are doing alright... no tied houses, you see....
I will try to squeeze transubstantiation into a song - i did once get sesquipedalian into a lyric. I'll try catafalque, plinth, and umbrage . At the moment Im trying to construct Faux C&W tunes that instead of referring to amrican places, namecheck local towns etc; Towns like Craigeburn make it easy, but Wolloomooloo and maribynong are more of a challenge 

Bigrunner to Dar_ tellum
You can get yourself into a bit of a Rum State here when you partake of Sam Smiths brew but that’s ok because it’s cheap, Tetley Beer not fit to drink tastes different from pub to pub…dishwater!
Can you Yodel like Frank Ifield, I can’t think of many Australian entertainers, I suppose I should mention Rolf Harris forgot about him,
I’m not sure if the Seekers are from that part of the world.

There is a rumour though about boozing and Australians that I’v heard being bantered around and that is they are not a nation of clever dicks like the English or big headed like our friends the Americans but just a nation of drunkards, but they are still a great nation.