Friday, 15 May 2015

15th May 2015

Parents and Guardians who teach their children to submit to religious ideology rather than to be open minded and curious are part of the problem in the world today.
Freedom of speech and expression and enquiry that  is what must be fought for and maintained.
This murdering brain washed low life cult is so committed by all they are told to believe that it leaves them utterly out of their tiny little minds and to be moulded into the evil playthings their masters desire.
They are willing to  live a life of depravity and cruelty, seeming blind to their ultimate demise that will with certainty be a painful death and the wholesale defeat of their evil game.
They sacrifice others and themselves on the alter of stupidity and they do it because they are told that they must bring on the armageddon.
And most will go the whole hog because that is what they have been told is the best path to take.
All on the whim of stupid fantasy tales, when all the time the main aim of the true leaders who are far too intelligent to put themselves at risk by taking any physical active part to attain their evil ambitions. 
These ambitious self serving evil leaders will loiter in the shadows and stay well out of any conflict. 
The so called armies that they control will have amongst their ranks a vast majority of fighters with less intellect than a peanut… and who they probably despise with utter contempt and consider them expendable.
Religion is the fuel they stokes the fires of hatred with, these wealthy megalomaniac’s have no desire to sacrifice themselves, they leave that to the cannon fodder that their acolytes have brainwashed with religious nonsensical preachings from the stone age.
They then send off these men, woman, and sadly children to go and murder others and sacrifice their own lives so they can  live in elegance and luxury.

They know all this conflict is nothing to do with religion it’s all earthbound ambition for themselves and their friends.
After the election results came in Ed Miliband looked like the dog that caught the car.
Labour is in a mess no leadership, and what they have shown they have to offer us in terms of a new leader is not something that is going to bring joy to many Labour supporters or be of any advantage to them. 
They are a slowly and imperceptible a dying political force. 
Who will disappear into the wilderness and irrelevance.

“blowing off steam
Freudian slip Nigel- it’s “letting of steam”

Labour got blown away though, Didn’t they?


It’s a bitter pill to swallow when you get so soundly thrashed in an election...but that’s how it is, Labour got hammered, and I have reason to believe one of their leadership contenders as withdrawn from the race... I think he must realise it’s no use flogging a dead horse.

Getoutofmydreams to bigrunner
Labour didn’t get thrashed though, did they. They gained seats in England. The SNP thing happened, but the idea that Labour were rejected by the electorate doesn’t pass scrutiny.
Frankly, I give the current government 18 months before it implodes.


It was always patently obvious that Farage WAS the UKIP. Few on these pages would have voted for him/them, but almost 4million people did.
Given that rather significant mandate the GBPublic have given him/them to be the political manifestation of their frustrations, it should be expected that he would take such mandate to try and carry out their goal of Euro exit. However odious that may seem, it is the democratic process of which he/them represents some 4million people.
The petty in-fighting of his party simply illustrates the nascency of their party's structure and lack of "whipping" that the tories and labour have to keep all, at least better, in line. It does not, in my opinion, alter the mandate the public have given him/them.
It may be frustrating that we have to deal with this small minded, backward thinking Nationalist upsurge with both UKIP and SNP results - but to not accept the democratic basis of its legitimacy would be wrong.

Bigrunner to Grant 47

I feel you are far too intelligent surely, and that you are aware of infighting in all the parties.
Regards to the conservative’s just wait till the Human Rights fiasco starts.