Monday, 18 May 2015

18th May 2015

mr asim - Comment
this is exactly how every sane Muslim feels in the current scheme of things, my humble request to Westerners get off your newspapers, turn off your Tvs and get to know your muslims, speak to them as to what they think of terrorism or extremism.

Bigrunner to mr asim

If Muslims feel they require to explain away religious extremism and terrorism let them get off their knees and come out into the open and tell me and everybody else what they think.

Repetitive religious preaching and other nonsensical religious text that is forced into the minds of millions of young children the world over who have to suffer this nonsense day in day out is tantamount to abuse.
Children should be encouraged to ask questions and not just be given answers and told that they are facts and must be accepted without question, when they a nothing more than falsehoods.
We should be rid once and for all of this pernicious diabolical system of religious belief that is allowed in our schools and colleges.

The Labour party and their so called leadership such as it is, along with most of the labour supporters know that their hopes of gaining any sort of credibility for the unforeseeable future is no more than a pipe dream. 
And Diane Abbott’s chances of becoming Mayor of London is also a pipe dream.
Labour is a party lacking inspiration and vision, they are still in a state of shock and are utterly gobsmacked and don’t know what to do or where to turn since their crushing and embarrassing mauling in the General Election.
The Conservative party have a few battle’s ahead of them also. 
They may find they have promised more than they are willing to give.
There is every possibility they will find more dissent than they bargained for from their own members of Parliament than they are able to manage effectively.
If this happens it may well destroy any hopes of them being able to complete a five year term in government successfully.

Mockery of religion is essential, it’s by mockery that all of this so called biblical stupid nonsense that is imposed upon us can in time be discarded and rendered impotent.
These evil and cruel adulterated mainly false scripture perverts the mind and destroys the lives of so many millions of people.
One 7th century cult who’s intellectually defunct followers are led by Acolytes who never put themselves in the firing line and will more than likely consider there so called soldiers to be nothing more than cannon fodder, and look down upon them with utter contempt, while at the same time preaching and brainwashing them from childhood with stone age stories that their deluded and simple minds absorb like a sponge.
The whole world knows what a deeply violent religion it is, one that believes and practices extreme barbarity and violence and is intolerant of all unbelievers.
In due course every single one of these cowardly murdering low life will be helped on their way to a very personal and private armageddon.