Tuesday, 19 May 2015

19th May 2015

The SNP  tasted the wonders of electoral victory not long ago and are seeking once again a  successful referendum on independence, then what they ought to do to make sure of a successful outcome and gain their independence is to arrange matters so that us English can vote with and for them.
The western powers are playing a very intelligent waiting game and allowing all these extremist lunatic jihadists to gradually self-destruct and eventually completely annihilate themselves, they will weaken themselves by their own stupid tactics.
They will in due course and without any doubt succumb to western dominance and superiority.
And that will be achieved without the West having to commit themselves to anything more than a token gesture of support like they are already doing, with a few air strikes thrown in for effect.
These people are so infected with their religion they will never find any true peace they will continue to slaughter each other in the name of this pie in the sky balm pot religion long after this particular conflict is just a single page of history.
What’s happening now is that these jihadists are being gradually corralled and slowly weakened by the West, and they will soon find themselves trapped like Rats in a sack, with nowhere to run and nowhere left to hide, with no escape just left to tear each other apart.
Then a few years down the line it will all kick off again.

torvald comment
The dream of a caliphate is nearing it’s fulfillment.

Bigrunner to torvald
So let’s say your dream of a Caliphate is achieved.
What happens next ?

Bigrunner to Phil Green

Can you explain to me what happened then after the 500 years was up ?

Phil Green to Bigrunner

Sure, a secret agreement known as Sykes-Picot agreement between France and England and Tsarist Russia stated that the three countries would divide the Caliphate among themselves, which France and England did at the Paris talks in 1919. They drew lines through the Caliphate and have occupied it in one form or another for the last 95 years. It is way past time for them to get out, now.

Bigrunner to Phil Greene

I may be wrong but it appears by you comment that you indirectly have some sympathetic support for ISIS.
ISIS will fail in it’s endeavours to break down borders, they will be crushed and all the borders will mostly remain intact.

Phil Greene to Bigrunner

If you are right then the foreign occupation of the entire Middle East will continue ad nauseum. We will see, won’t we.

Bigrunner to Phil Greene
You know I’m right

Hydroxl to Bigrunner

Really? Who’s going to crush them?

Bigrunner to Hydroxl

You seem to think they will not be crushed otherwise you wouldn’t ask that question.
Are you able to enlighten me what the outcome will be then ?
I have already made my point clear in an earlier comment.

  • Phil Greene to Bigrunner
  • ISIS or someone like them will prevail and like Vietnam before the invading people, the US et al will lose, as they should .

    Bigrunner to Phil Greene
  • It is Iraq and Syria who are at war with ISIS, Muslim slaughtering Muslim in most instances.
    What’s your problem with the USA ?
    You seem to have an axe to grind with them.