Friday, 1 May 2015

1st MAY 2015

Leeds Question Time - Election
There was nothing new just the same old jargon like it had been learnt from a script and then churned out to the audience in a continues boring and ineffective way.
The politicians answers to honest and important questions from a very good audience were unconvincing from start to finish.
Russell Brand
People are only watching these video clips to ridicule this character, let’s be serious Russell Brand is the joke itself, and now he’s dragging along with him these politicians who we are expected to respect and vote for and making them all look like fools.
Doesn't that say a lot for their judgement ?
It is entertaining though I have to admit it.
Nigel Farage
Unlike Cameron, Milliband and Clegg... Nigel Farage presents a very good case for UKIP and this country and people are taking the UKIP manifesto very serious, Nigel Farage is realistic with the promises that are made by UKIP unlike the other main parties with their vague and shallow promises and unclear policies. 
The only thing we can all be absolutely certain about is that some of us will be a lot poorer when these swingeing cuts that are promised and are implemented by Labour or the Conservatives from whichever one of these two parties are elected.

  • LordSponge to Bigrunner 
  • We would all be a lot worse of with UKUP in charge. Don't know anyone who is daft enough to take their manifesto seriously.
  • Bigrunner to LordSponge
    Nobody can ever know for certain what another person takes serious and what they don’t take serious, we just have to accept what they tell us.
So far as Ukip goes they can deliver all that they are promising, it is simple really end the Welfare State and privatise the NHS enforcing US style health insurance on everyone. Those too poor to afford health insurance will just as they do in the USA die saving fit and health hard working taxpayers a few pennies in their taxes. Any such savings would be very short term as just as happens when more fuel efficient ways of powering our homes or cars is developed the cost is increased by the suppliers of domestic energy to maintain their profit margins, share holders will have their pound of flesh. One example of what I am saying was the reduced tax on lpg powered cars the government on realising so many were taking to these cars causing a noticeable drop in revenue to the Chancellor's tax take introduced higher taxes on them.
My Comment reply to JLRRAC
Your completely and utterly wrong and misguided by someone or other.
 Maybe it was Russell Brand the new leader of the be-witched, bothered and bewildered.

Bigrunner Comment
Were does the Church of England get all it’s money to invest ?
  • GrandMoffTanner to Bigrunner
    Jesus left them a burning hedge fund.
    Bigrunner to GandMoffTanner
    I knew it couldn’t have been Bush.

evolution has evolved brains that are strong enough believe in evolution. gosh, so that's the answer to everything, how simple. But what if evolution got it wrong?
My comment to malgreen
Evolution is not simple by any means, evolution is chaotic and random everything and all of us are nothing more than a handful of stardust, so get off your knees because that’s all there is.

Having looked at the 'evidence' of evolution quite closely I find it laughable that such an irrational theory is still believed. The evidence for complex design is everywhere you look. Just take the the eyes as an example, even Darwin struggled to explain how it could have come about by natural selection. The latest scientific discovery is called the Dua's Layer which plays a vital role in the structure of the tissue which controls the flow of fluid from the eye, and couldn't possibly have evolved over millennia.
The spiritually blind will unfortunately continue to believe the fairy tales......

Bigrunner  to Swordfish
Dua’s layer is nothing more than another layer of the cornea.

Like everything else in nature this layer evolved like everything else in the natural world where there is growth and decay.

Perhaps ask the question whether senior people at Guardian media have installed solar panels, changed to hybrid/electric cars, changed their commute to bicycle, perhaps installed better insulation, low wattage light bulbs - in short done a lot of practical things to reduce their energy consumption and switch from fossil fuels.
Winning a moral argument about fossil fuels is not an empty gesture, it can really change the way that wider communities perceive the industries that extract these fuels and render their industry socially unacceptable, thus hastening a shift to renewables. Is this not something you would like to see ?
My Comment to loco p man
I presume you practise what you preach.

  • Stewardship, plain and simple. One is judged by the 'mess one leaves behind' so faith is not about rapture.
    As for sacrifice and penance, you must be of another faith. The Christian faith is about life and having it to the full [John 8:12]. Have you not heard about grace?
    I tell you the truth, Jesus cares deeply about every single person on this earth and their pain. He cares deeply about yours and BTW He loves you.

  • Why do religious groups and people worry about this planet or the universeThe reason is because we see the character of God in his creation; a creation he loves and asked us to look after.
    "God looked at everything he had made, and he was very pleased." Genesis 1:31a. "I am putting you in charge of the fish, the birds, and all the wild animals." Genesis 1:28b. "Ever since God created the world, his invisible qualities, both his eternal power and his divine nature, have been clearly seen; they are perceived in the things that God has made." Romans 1:20 (by Paul, the pro-rapture bloke).
    quickly leave for the wonderful raptures of their heavenly home.
    Because rescuing the whole of creation is part of the plan:
    " All of creation waits with eager longing for God to reveal his children. For creation was condemned to lose its purpose, not of its own will, but because God willed it to be so. Yet there was the hope that creation itself would one day be set free from its slavery to decay and would share the glorious freedom of the children of God. " Romans 8:19-21.
    and finally, because God has it in for the planet wreckers:
    "The time has come to reward your servants, the prophets, and all your people, all who have reverence for you, great and small alike. The time has come to destroy those who destroy the earth!" Revelation 11:18b.
    Pretty clear-cut I would say :-)rt

  • Adam and Eve, Noah’s Ark, Babel, just stories.
    If God made everything why did he do it ?
    Was he lonely ?
    All what religious fanaticism desires and pray’s for is the end of the world with the second coming and the destruction of all creation, they are at it today doing their best to bring on the apocalypse.

  •  thirdday 
    I suppose stewardship is acceptable if you consider the next generation of mortals that will inhabit the earth for a brief period of time before they are returned to dust and oblivion.
    Who gave John the Baptist the authority to declare Jesus the son of God ?
    Why are there no miracles today ?
    Why is their war and poverty and cruelty ?
    And you have also got to remember Jesus is dead.
    I respect you for your belief but I believe people of blind faith are deluded and only repeated what they have been taught to believe when a child.

    • Wow! Where do I start?
      If I was without faith, the very least to expect of me is to be responsible as to the sort of world I leave behind. Its social responsibility. If I enjoy the treasures of this world, it makes sense that I would like others to enjoy it likewise.
      John the Baptist - God gave him the authority as per the Gospels [Matt 3, Luke 3]. Sadly anyone unhappy about this chain of events needs to talk to the Boss.
      Miracles - there are plenty today but if you are expecting the number Jesus performed in His 3 year ministry to be similar today, you will be disappointed. He heals globally now.
      War Poverty & Cruelty -Matthew 24 is a decent start. We live in an imperfect/fallen world so there are always challenges. It is not heaven, it is earth. Flawed and evil people implement policies, wars and keep money for themselves so its not evenly distributed. Most of the worlds problems can be laid at our door.
      Jesus is dead - can't wait for you to meet Him and I do not wish upon you a Damascus Road experience since it would be too frightening. Think crucifixion. Think rolled back stone. Think empty tomb. Think resurrection. Think Thomas poking his side. Think ascension and the miracles in Acts.
      Jesus is very much alive and I am not deluded. Sure I went to Sunday school as child but left in my teens to return only in my 30's after being called. It was not blind faith or delusion. Mine was an interrogated faith that took many months before I was convinced.
      Bigrunner, I sense that you are a seeker so there is very little hope for you when the hound of God is on your heels.

       thirdday You see the problem is you have a mind set that there is a God, but you cannot prove this so you sustain your belief by blind faith and what you was taught when you was a child, you had no choice at such a young age and when you could make a choice your mind was programmed in such a way by the influence of others who prior to your indoctrination into your religion they had also suffered the same fate...brainwashed !How many times have you been a doubting Thomas ?
      You see I have no need to be good if I wanted to be I could be evil, because your God loves everybody, every animal and insect in fact everything so everything would be fine.After all it’s just a story, in fact it’s all pie in the sky.
      The Nazarene Jesus is dead.
      I would not wish for you to be on the road to Damascus, you just might unfortunately meet some rather unsavoury people who I am sure you are aware of, God does not seem all that interested in Syria at the moment, I find that strange seeing that you say he loves everyone.