Monday, 25 May 2015

25th May 2015

The referendum whether Britain should stay within the EU is for the British people to decide even if they live permanently abroad or just on a temporary basis. 
So when the time comes and whatever the final vote turns out to be we will eventually either reap all the benefits of being a member of the EU or have to suffer all the losses of exclusion if we vote to leave.
Then and only then will we be able to congratulate ourselves or condemn ourselves for what we decided on the day, and have no-one else to blame but ourselves.
This is a decision that the British people alone must be allowed to make.

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Figures bandied about like those published here have no reflection on anything and are just pointless, the opinion polls for example before the general Election did nothing but prove how much of a waste of time they are.
They produce nothing of value whatsoever to anyone and especially the Labour party who where completely wrong footed by them.
So stop crying over spilt milk Labour have been soundly thrashed in this General Election.
So what they should do when they have finished licking their wounds from the savage hammering they suffered from the SNP and the Conservatives is try and start making plans, if that is at all remotely possible, to brighten up their bleak and dismal political future.

esperi to Bigrunner
Tory - 11,334,576,36
Labour 9,347,304,30
If that is you idea of a sound thrashing I hope
your not a cricket fan for this Ashes series.
Bigrunner to esperi
Labour certainly qualifies for that title.
Pity you were unable to come up with a better excuse for
Labours humiliating defeat.