Tuesday, 26 May 2015

26th May 2015

Most politicians we now know got it wrong and the invasion of Iraq should never have taken place.
Blair said he would resign if he didn’t win the vote, and so the UK Parliament voted in favour of the war on March the 18th 2003.
Bush wanted regime change in Iraq, that’s what he got, and on top of that his administration with the help of the U.K. created the Hell Hole that is now Iraq/Syria.
It was well documentated at the time that without a well planned exit strategy this would be the long term result of that invasion.
It seems like the west is only giving token support to Iraq now because the United States have decided once again they will only settle for regime change and this time it is Syria’s turn.
ISIS/Daesh will without doubt meet their Armageddon when they no longer provide’s any useful purpose in the plans of the United States and their Allies, they are just pawns used to speed up regime change and the removal of Assad from Syria.