Wednesday, 27 May 2015

27th May 2015

People of the same sex who care for each other and wish to make their relationship a binding and legal contract to insure financial security for their partner in the future by getting married, well that is their business and interfering in peoples private affairs that are doing no harm to anyone is a disgrace.
This Vatican official say’s ‘The church must take account of this reality’ what a laughable remark to make when people like this spend all of their lives existing in a world of unreality and dogma.
They just want to curtail other people freedom of choice, they are stuck in their meaningless world of fantasy and mysticism and their faith simply blinds them from seeing the reality of the modern world around them…many are simply hypocrites.

To Bigrunner from Enoch Arden

Legal marriage involves more than "financial security for the partner". The central point is adoption of children. This is inhumane for the children. There are many other ways to organise "financial security". The Yes-side is clearly lying about the purpose of that bizarre legal exercise.

Bigrunner to Enoch Arden

A bit strong to say adoption of children by same sex people is inhumane.

From Owen Jones
How do we do it? It means a new form of community-based politics rather than a strategy of yet another leftwing rally followed by yet another A to B demonstration. Do I have the answers to how this could be done? No, but that’s where the debate must surely be. Look to Podemos in Spain. They abandoned the old shackles of the left – the terminology and rhetoric from a different era – and they started to win. Some on the left are all too accustomed to losing; it’s almost become comforting. The rest of us have to change, just like Podemos, or we will die.

Labour and it’s so called leftist followers are such a sorry and pitiful sight to behold these days, and I suppose they have every reason to be. 
They now realise it’s all been in vain, their strenuous efforts at trying to convince what they thought to be a gullible electorate turned out to be nothing more than wishful thinking.
The published article that I have just read must be so soul destroying for those that are able to read it because there is not one positive word to be had in their favour, every word steeped in negativity.
It will be a cold day in Hell the day Labour crawl cringing from under this heavy self inflicted leaden cloak of defeat.