Thursday, 28 May 2015

28th May 2015

Tony Blair the former Prime Minister and peace envoy to the Middle East is the leader who is denigrated by shallow minded people who possess no real factual information about him or his political skills, they just repeat tit bits of tittle tattle and spurious unfounded gossip that’s spread by his opponents… who by the way he left in his wake. 
These type of characters just want someone to have a go at, they say they hate him but all the time they admire him, they can only dream about achieving his kind of success for themselves, a dream out of their reach because they know they lack his intelligence and his abilities.
The reason Labour are now up to their neck in the quagmire of their own making is because they lack any leader with the ability to communicate and express their policies in a way that people can understand and trust.
Tony Blair had that ability, but his labour colleagues decided they wanted Gordon Brown to take charge, and there the devastating decline begins.
Now all that is left of the labour party is scattered around like the decomposing remains of headless chickens.

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PaulMan to Bigrunner
Just imagine how many other famous names in history you could put in place of Blair in your eulogy to power above. Hitler, Stalin, Mau, even Sadam Husein, Gadafi, the top men of the Mafia, were all enormously successful, thanks to their “political skills”. It is adoration of success in attaining power of this kind which allows nations to be led by the worst megalomaniacs among them, with all the resultant destruction pain and suffering.

Bigrunner to PaulMan
Your comparison is ridiculous and futile, you are merely grasping at straw’s to try and make a point.

Drumboy to Bigrunner
This reads like a Grant Shapps makeover.
Bigrunner to Drumboy
Now everybody knows you can read...well done!
Drumboy to Bigrunner
Ah, sarcasm, the lowest form of wit and you appear to be an expert.

Rattel to Bigrunner
I can't quite work out if you are Cherie, Mandelson or Campbell. You can't be 'W' as he wouldn't use 'denigrated' and wouldn't understand 'shallow minded'.
Bigrunner to Rattel
I’m sure you will get over it.

Charlottebadger 2 to PaulMan

Well said - it is truly sad to imagine that anyone could be in awe of the so-called intelligence, success and ability of someone as self-serving and avaricious as Tony Blair.