Saturday, 30 May 2015

30th May 2015

Anyone who is in a mind to put themselves forward and stand for election or in fact any election and are lawfully doing so then you should 
Salute them for their courage, their strength and indefatigability.

Comment from jeff2000
The barbed and ignorant comments below simply show how well the Galloway smear campaign worked. Being an anti-war. anti-business, anti-rich, pro-democracy MP is, apparently, very bad for your career.

Bigrunner to jeff2000
The problem with political jokers is that they get elected.

Most commentators on here who are riling up against George Galloway wouldn’t have the bottle or the intellectual ability to enter themselves for election.

Mistvisle to Bigrunner
What does that have to do with anything. A fool is a fool.

Bigrunner to Mistvisle
I don’t wish to offend anyone but I have heard it takes a fool to know a fool.

hogarth to Bigrunner
it isn’t about bottle or intellectual ability. it’s about narcissism and being delusional.

Bigrunner to hogarth
You are so very wrong…it is all about having the courage of your convictions and if you have the capacity and ability if you have to stand up for them.


You can’t help but have a bit of sympathy I suppose you could add to that pity for Labour, but that’s all they are worth unfortunately, all this drivel they come out with does nothing to improve the desperate political situation they find themselves in. 
They need to say something that’s clear and decisive with a leader who can inspire young people with facts and realistic policies that they can relate to, but most of what their potential leaders say does not achieve this.
There is certainly more disillusioned politicians and ex-politicains within the labour fold than there is disillusioned voters in general.
The people of this country voted conservative because they had been given clear and concise promises on policy, some maybe stringent and risky but they have been accepted by the electorate, so that is what we have to live with now.
It seems the labour election was lost because they had nothing of substance to offer the people of this country and they knew it, and so they played their ace card the one and only voice for the lost and bewildered Russell Brand, who they thought would entrap the young voter, this was foolish beyond belief and made Ed Miliband look incompetent.
Whoever is burdened with the title of the leadership of the Labout party have in reality nothing to look forward to but the inevitable poisoned chalice.

loimpudence comment

Since the Race Relations Act of 1965 it has been an offence to discriminate on the grounds of race, colour or ethnic or national origins. This "white working class" stuff is deeply offensive and is literally unbelievable. It is unthinkable that Kendall, if she became PM, would provide education etc to white people only. UKIP support the re-introduction of grammar schools, which would be open to people of all colours, of course. UKIP have nothing to fear from Kendall.

Bigrunner to loimpudence

Another one playing the deeply offensive card, you are only offended when you allow yourself to be offended, so stop looking for excuses to be offended.

loimpudence to Bigrunner
Racism is abhorrent. We need to maintain "political correctness" to keep it at bay.
UKIP are constantly accused of covert racism. A Guardian columnist accused them of having a neo-fascist ideology, and condoned mob intimidation (a "protest") at their shop in Ramsgate. So we are all enjoined to hate UKIP, and encouraged to participate in mob intimidation against them. Yet there are no racist policies in their manifesto, nor do their spokesmen make racist utterrances.
Now blatant racism from a Labour candidate is OK? It is certainly not. But as I pointed out above, it has no credibility. It's a paper tiger. But it is offensive.

Bigrunner to loimpudence

Racism only exists in the mind of the racist.
Some people should take on board the fact that we are  every single one of us members of the human race.
Political correctness you can make of it what you will.


I think Labour should invite George Galloway back and make him leader of their party, it’s dying on it’s feet anyway.
So what have they got to lose ?

DigitalHardcore to Bigrunner

Things are never that bad.

KenHubert to Bigrunner The next election