Sunday, 3 May 2015

3rd May 2015

  • Bigrunner
    Russell Brand is kidding all these gullible people, but if they want to keep promoting him well he’s going to carry on, you can’t blame him for that, but let’s be realistic Brand talks out of the back of his head, half of those who say they support him will not have the first idea what he is talking about...I might add it appears neither does he.

  • emma228
    to Bigrunner
    and the politicians do? Pull the other one
  • Bigrunner to emma228
    It could be that almost everyone's not got a iota of a clue what he rambles on about and that includes 
  • politicians.

  • Bigrunner - Drug in Indonesia
  • Dealing in illegal drugs and distributing them to people young and old, rich and poor some who maybe vulnerable and easy to coerce in the first place and who eventually have their lives ruined with addiction that brings sickness and unbearable pain both physically and mentally is a heinous crime that deserves the severest of punishments.
  • But to sacrifice another human being in a way that amounts to nothing more than ritual slaughter is wrong to the point that it involves innocent officials and soldiers also, who find themselves carrying out a crime by taking part in the slaughter and murder of these drug dealing/smuggling convicted criminals.