Tuesday, 5 May 2015

5th May 2015

We all know that in this election all the leaders and their supporters of every party are now feeling the pressure. 
Their only hope now is to pick up the few straggling voters who are not too sure about who to vote for.
So what these undecided few should try to remember is this. 
Cameron outsourced the MPs pay to an independent source who recommended a pay rise of 11% for all MPs and it was implemented…when the unemployed and the working poor could just about make ends meet…and that’s one thing the voters will not forget. 
Conservatives lost us our triple AAA credit rating.
Also they were only too happy to award tax cuts to their wealthy friends and supporters in the region of hundreds of thousands of pounds.
Conservative’s also jumped in and supported the Bankers with the help of some slick shysters to get them their bonus’s of over 200%.
So all those undecided should be aware there will be lot’s more of these type of underhand activities going on if another conservative government get’s elected.

trappedspoke to Bigrunner
Are you saying we should vote against independent bodies?
to Bigrunner 
The rich have had income tax increased (higher than for all but 33 days of the Labour government), increases in CGT and increases in stamp duty. You've had a VAT increase which they have also had.
Bonuses which are subject to taxation.