Saturday, 9 May 2015

9th MAY 2015

Russell Brand did in fact have some influence on the defeat of Labour with his remark about not voting and undoubtably there are those who took his advice.
The judgement of Ed to take part in this interview was flawed from the start, it should have been obvious to Miliband and his team of advisers that Brand was using him just to publicise his own agenda, all Brand wanted was another soapbox to try and show everybody how influential he could be, and It was unfortunate for Ed Miliband that he never realised that this was how he was being used.
This interview will have convinced many undecided young voters, the kind of young people who will vote on personality and not on policy away from Labour, and maybe it made them think to themselves that they didn’t want a Prime Minister who doesn’t have the intellectual ability to see when he is being manipulated.
The egocentric and deluded Russell Brand let down in a big way by his own self interest the many thousands of homeless people and the working poor and unemployed he purports to support.
The only thing these unfortunate people have to look forward to now is the massive cuts in the social welfare budget, every single person dependent on social welfare will pay a high price for Russell Brands part in this, with his stupid and moronic intervention.

Richieroutledge to Bigrunner
I think something on which those on both sides of this argument is that Brand is a self-serving millionaire ar**hole

It’s a fact that everybody know’s and accepts, Labour along with the LibDems have had their policies along with many of their senior MPs all well and truly rejected and had their nose rubbed into it for good measure by the electorate.
Both parties outsmarted, outwitted and outflanked in all aspects of political manoeuvring in their feeble attempts to win this election.
The LibDems have been rejected and well deserved for all the spineless skulduggery that they displayed to us all, and how very adept they were at it too, with nothing but deciet and lies that alienated them from many of their loyal LibDem supporters and the general public in general.
Both Labour and the LibDems are now in a state of utter shock and made to look mediocre and unable to respond coherently to their devastating defeat.