Saturday, 2 May 2015

2nd MAY 2015

People are only watching these video clips to ridicule this character and laugh at him 
Speak on your behalf only, please. I personally watched his videos because I was interested in listening to what he had to ask the guests. He is asking them many of the questions I would like to ask myself, actually.
Bigrunner reply to taxmillionairs
Those viewing the video clips and are laughing at them for their banal and ludicrous content and quality can see them for what they are and that is self promotion of Brand himself.
Those who watched them for any other reason other than entertainment will find nothing of value that will be of benefit to them...It’s all about Russell Brand and he’s doing a good job of self promotion wouldn’t you say ?

Russell Brand is kidding all these gullible people, but if they want to keep promoting him well he’s going to carry on you can’t blame him for that, let’s be realistic Brand talks out of the back of his head, half of those who say they support him will not have the first idea what he is talking about...I might add it appears neither does he.

Ha ha Mr E, you're such a wit! The clash of values people in the UK face now is between entrenched, corrupt, greedy power and the rest. 
The Tories unquestionably represent the former. The Westminster system clearly does too. 
Perhaps only in the poor old Graun's Comment writers ' dreams does Labour stand on the other side of that clash. 
Tinkering around the edges of the great redistribution from citizens to 'elite' doesn't fool enough people anymore. 
In Scotland Labour's core voters have had enough: 
enough voting repeatedly for government and, yes, values that Westminster will not give them; enough voting for a Labour party who in Westminster defends increasing inequality and child poverty, not to mention supporting imperial actions around the globe; and when monopolising local power elevated in-fighting and sheer bone idleness to art forms. 
Yes, we face a clash of values: Mr Ed and Mr David and Mr Nick stand together on the regressive side, the side of the decadent system, the side that cannot and will not deliver on meaningful progress.
This is why the UK is facing extinction, and why Scottish voters are turning in swathes to a nationally-defined alternative. The Graun, and Labour, and the rest will of course still attribute SNP votes to ethnic hatred and divisive nationalism etc. 
But sooner or later the failing UK state will have to go.

Bigrunner to ID3208219
You forgot to mention the SNP in your diatribe when you refer to…  greedy for power for a few … or are the SNP above that.
If the SNP are the cause of a break away from the UK it will be a dark day in Hell for Scotland.
But then I expect you in your wisdom will have a solution to undo the damage that the catastrophe of independence will cause to Scotland if the power hungry SNP ever achieve their aim…which I doubt they ever will.

Remember this one thing when you go to vote, that Cameron cut Ministers pay by 5% but then outsourced MPs pay to a so called independent source of advisers who decided the MPs deserved and should get an 11% pay rise that was implemented, while the working poor and the unemployed could only look on in despair and disgust.

We all know the conservative government lost our AAA credit rating and are still banging on about austerity on and on they go with the same old stories, and they have achieved nothing by this misleading rhetoric because so many people have found them out to be liars.
They also tell us we are all in this together, then they dish out tax cuts to their friends the rich and powerful. 
Millionaire after millionaire getting something like £100,000 plus a time,they defended the bankers and their 250% bonuses while at the time engineering the decline in the ordinary workers wages.
And then they have the audacity to tell us we are all in this together.

sjd_48 to Bigrunner
The Tories lost the AAA rating because of the situation they were dealing with left by Labour.
Let's get some sense into these arguments rather than ramblings based on no fact whatsoever.
Cutting tax is driven by the need to encourage business people to come and set up and grow the economy. It's simply not about giving tax cuts to friends. The problem with the left mentality is that it will generate policies that may cause more damage but help them politically. Lets not forget Labour only put up tax in their last budget, if it was such a good idea they should of done it in 97 instead of raiding the pension of working people in their first budget.
Bigrunner reply to sjd 48
The start of your comment reply is the old worn out fabricated lie that it is…and it always will be.
It’s is all about giving tax cut to the wealthy so stop trying to cover this fact up because you fail. 
Your pathetic excuse to protect the self serving conservative elite are transparent shallow and pitiful and  weak in it’s content.

HAL911  to Bigrunner
so why won't there be a labour landslide?
Bigrunner to HAL911
It’s for the government to win, any opposition party of whatever stripe never loses.

bradfudbantam to Bigrunner
"We all know the conservative government lost our AAA credit rating"
Yet another lie peddled by the left
S&P is the most widely used credit rating agency and the UK has maintained a AAA rating with them...
Bigrunner reply to bradfudbantum
All the lie peddling is being done frantically by the right and we certainly know who they are.

FanaticKestrel to Bigrunner
Jesus that rant could've come from orwell ministry of information. 
Re writing history doesn't change the fact Labour de regulated the banks, condoned bonuses - remember Mandleson saying he was relaxed about wealth. 
Gordon Brown removed the 10p tax rate, sold our gold reserves for a song, raided the pensions of millions to 'redistribute' wealth. 
Created a bloated, overly complicated benefits system that trapped people on benefits. 
Labours open door immigration policy drove down wages created housing shortages and forgot to build social housing during 13 years in power, initiated a war in Iraq need I go on... oh yeah burdened the NHS with disgraceful PFI repayments.

Bigrunner to FanaticKestrel
There was intense pressure from the posh boys in the city not to over regulate so remember that, but Labour did make a mistake and apologised.
Benefit system well if you enquire it's worse now than it ever was…who’s to blame for that then ?
I’ll answer that for you IDS
Conservatives have done nothing about mass immigration they have let it get out of control beyond all expectations without the faintest idea about what to do.
The war in Iraq was not just down to labour it was sanctioned in parliament by all parties.
It’s what happens next that counts, so you keep focused and stop getting excited, it exposes you to be a desperate member of a party that is probably heading for the opposition benches

So the posh boys pushed did they. Where were Labour's principles? They saw easy money and sold there soul and millions down the river with under capitalised banks with massive exposure.
The benefit system now incentivises work and will evolve. 
No more generations sat around trapped on benefits. 
Labour allowed immigration to run out of control it'll take longer than 5 years to sort that mess out. 
I said Labour initiated the war in Iraq with and best mate the chimp.
To be honest you sound a bit exited too giving your instructions and ignoring the other inconvenient things I mentioned earlier

Bigrunner to FanaticKestrel
You really don’t have a lot to offer in response to my comment, all you have done is not agree with the facts I presented to you.
You are wrong about the Benefit System… you would have a difficult time explaining how it incentivises work and how it would evolve, to people who have got to survive the best they can from what it’s got to offer from day to day.
There will certainly be no more generations of people sat around trapped on benefits when Ian Duncan Smith’s Draconian and cruel policies are dispatched to the shredder that’s for sure.
I have reason to believe that the 10p tax rate will be reintroduced by labour with a Mansion tax on properties with a value that exceeds £2 million.
Regards the sell off of the Gold reserves well it was considered afterwards to be an error, and that may well have been right, but the Gold reserves did not earn anything, so the reason for the sale of the gold was to turn it into cash that would then earn interest.
Maybe you could have thought of a more profitable way to complete a transaction of that nature.
There was a minority of MP’s in parliament who opposed the war, it was a joint agreement passed through parliament and I am surprised you are unaware of that.
About sounding excited I didn’t think there was any audio.
How come you heard me ?
I have not uttered a single sound.

Fanatickestrel in response to Bigrunner
So you basically agree with most of what I've said except for the benefit changes. You still don't get that I stated Labour initiated the war on Iraq; I didn't say that others didn't vote for it. Have another read.
You've not uttered a single sound - what, ever? I bet you sound out the letters when you type
Bigrunnerto FanaticKestrel
I never expected you to succumb so easily, but I accept that you where grabbing at straws and still desperately searching for answers along with many more to try and solve the dilemma the conservative have found themselves in, but never mind.

Firstly, thanks for your post and I can assure you I am not deluded, indoctrinated or otherwise. I just have a different set of experiences to yours and this indeed should be respected. I will still proclaim that Jesus is very much alive even if others do not agree. It is my right.
Ah, have you not read the story of the Good Samaritan to learn of God's heart? Or Jonah and Ninevah? God cares for all those in Syria and every other country on this earth, every single one....included in this the sparrows and the lilies of the field. Amazing Grace!

Bigrunner to thirday...Religion
I am sorry if I disrespected you and your faith but that was not the intention, and of course you have the right to practice your beliefs and I will defend you to do so. I wish you well.