Sunday, 31 May 2015

31st May 2015

Being alone is bad for your health and your wealth,
He or she has been missing for a while, but no-one’s out looking for them. There are no TV appeals, no manhunts, no politicians looking serious and saying it’s vital we find them.
Strangely enough that person is there - in their house, right under everyone’s nose - but it’s been so long since anyone noticed them they might as well be invisible.
It’s a person just like Eunice Wardle, 86, of Manchester, who wrote a letter to a local newspaper pointing out she might as well have disappeared.


No one is ever alone, loneliness dwells only in the mind of those with an over active imagination and who allow their thoughts to dwell for far too long on the past, bringing to the forefront of their thoughts and memories all the negative emotional aspects of their life.

Everyone *is* alone, such they are, and such they must cease.

I am like others in this planet who had a great marriage partner my husband died on Friday the 13th in September 2013 i still weep and miss him, he was a marvellous husband and father to know my 36 year old son. to me when a person dies you love dearly its like half of yourself is missing, i will never get married again my bed stays cold until i am re united with my husband.I believe in life after death not because the bible says so i have always knew this.