Thursday, 11 June 2015

11th June 2015

ikebic1 to IranCorrespondent
I agree. ISIS is a creation of U.S. disastrous policy of trying to dislodge established regimes around the World. Watch out their reaction when Russia will join Iran to move against Israel. Obama and Kerry wouldn´ t know what hit them

Bigrunner to ikebic1
It’s time you got out of the playground and back into the classroom.

It’s difficult to imagine if there ever will be peace in the middle East, North Africa or in fact the Muslim world in general.
Many of these people are so indoctrinated in their religious myths that they are blind to reality and for many there is no return.
We are all free to comment with our offerings of this solution or that solution.
But there never will be a solution until all of this religious mythological stone-age claptrap is banished and people realise that for the sake of humanity all religion must be damned for the lies and cruelty it breeds along with its half baked nonsensical preachings.
Passing these preachings off as factual to the young and vulnerable is wrong.
There is one thing that is not myth and that is these religious hotheads and extreme fundamentalists encompassing all religions and race want to do is curtail the freedom of speech and expression of others who reject their woo woo.
Can you believe this ?
Tony Blair once commented that religion is the solution and not the problem.

Carpasia Comment
“I believe that human brilliance manifests itself only in flashes, among rare individuals. For this reason, humanity as a whole is enormously destructive: the creation of something as devastating as Western culture, which is now allowed to spread throughout the world, offers sufficient proof of this fact.” Pentti Linkola, Can Life Prevail?
We are witnessing a great revolution in human culture. At the present, it manifests with these millions of men and women in the Islamic world who have looked at what we in the west have to offer them and said No! The west have disagreed with this answer, and an ever increasing cycle of violence has occurred, in which, now, factions of revolutionaries are engaged in internecine warfare of their own to decide who gets to say no, while the west, calling them terrorists, bombs them and murders them as opportunity arises.
This all happened before. It was Englishmen who called the revolutionaries of France terrorists, calling their deposition of Louis XVIth, the regicide, the Directory, the deicide, and the reign of the guillotine, calling it all, the Reign of Terror. Marat numbered the dead who had lain under the guillotine, the entire aristocracy of the Ancien Regime excepting a few the Scarlet Pimpernel rescued, at 270,000. The English were disturbed at the actions of their dangerous neighbour, only a swim away as it turned out, and resented most of all that they could not travel there safely, which was as great an affront to them then as it is now that Palmyra is not on the Grand Tour for their sons and daughters, currently known as the Gap Year. The English love to travel and have their way in foreign lands. It's greatest expression, the British Empire has shrunk, but the people of the Costa del Sol and Mikonos would not know it.
There are differences between ISIS and al Qaida, as there were between the Jacobins and Girondists, and men like Robespierre, Danton and Saint Just once vied as Maqdisi, Zawahiri and Baghdadi do today. There is nothing new under the sun. Those who say this is are selling something.
It is a great irony, historically, that the United States of America should war on peoples who primary motive is that they wish to be left alone to order their own affairs. The Arab world wants nothing more than that but, instead, generations have had, first, to survive ruled by a succession of evil marionettes and now, finally rejecting that, are warred upon directly, while every government and business enterprise in this world, and western children in their schools, are forced to adopt the matrix of Islam=evil, so that we all think, like cows, that it is okay to kill men, women and children because they believe God is Great and do not wish to be compelled to watch images of western trend icons like Kim Kardashian balancing cocktail glasses upon her derriere.
When the west invaded Iraq on March 19, 2003, many in the Arab world said the Crusaders had returned. This allusion was ridiculed widely in the West, mocked and laughed at to show the imbecility of Arab culture and of those that opposed the invasion. It may be the allusion was not apt, but even now, in a world where everything can be known, we still do not know why it happened and what it was all about. Not one rationale that people could have understood, in the sense that it was true, has ever been adopted in the west, and every rationale that was adopted was a lie. What are we doing there today, it might be asked? It should be, for we are going back, that is for certain. 450 men it was two days ago, but soon it will be 45,000 and then 450,000. Why is it that the blood of men and women who want to be left alone must flow?
One thing is for certain. Now, the west is a gadfly on the Arab revolution. Even Iraq is over, and Iraq was, as bad as it was, as confusing an affair for the Arabs as it was for the west. But once we go back, we are saying we did not learn it was wrong to kill a million Arabs. We will be saying we learned it was right, and that our problem was that we did not do it well enough, or did not kill enough Arabs, perhaps. This will be recognized by the Arab world, and then a true, and a most dangerous, opposition to the west will ensue. It is one thing to stand in western pulpits of democracy and denounce others for the way they live. It is another to kill them, take their lands and enslave their children for it. France, harried, blockaded, traduced and demonized, went on. But invaded and threatened with its very survival, it produced a Napoleon. The Arab world will do the same, and then we in the west will have our just desserts and wonder, again, why we did it, when the events of the streets of Palmyra really mattered so little to us.

Bigrunner to to Carpsia
It appears you have no great liking for the Western World unlike all the people from the Middle East and North Africa who are risking their live’s and their children’s lives for a safer and better standard of living that is available to them from a humane and civilised Europe.
The innocent people in the twin towers wanted to be left alone... but they where slaughtered.
Woman treated like property and denied education...Do you support that ?
Mass executions in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iraq and Libya on a daily basis, chopping off hands and feet, flogging, blinding people and throwing them from tall buildings.
If you live in comfort here in the west but still don’t appreciate those comforts and freedoms then pack your bags and go to Syria and support those of your own ilk.

Twtone to Bigrunner
Was just thinking the same, the poison of religion. Its like a virus that infects people and turns them into zombies. How to cure it though??

Carpsia to Bigrunner
Everyone is born innocent. Everyone remains innocent until they seek to understand the truth. No one deserves to die, wherever they are, for any reason whatsoever, whether they are in New York or Baghdad. There are no demons in this world, not even of our own creation. History did not start on September 11, 2001.
"Nothing on this earth is worth buying at the price of human blood" Rousseau.
Bigrunner to Carpsia
Why do you comment on something I already know ?
Your pontification does you no credit

DagdaCelt to Bigrunner
When you write in grammatically correct English, you will no longer have such problems expressing yourself.
Bigrunner to DagdaCelt

Looks like the good day of grammar is went.