Saturday, 13 June 2015

13th June 2013

Europe and the United States have not failed in the middle East it is the countries themselves of the Middle East with their backward illogical and ridiculous tribalism and religious extremism that’s failed.

unbiased23 to Bigrunner
I buy your analysis except for the comment about the failure of Western policy in the ME. 
A vast majority of the blame firmly rests with the govts, leaders and populations of the ME. 
But to underplay the role of two wars and poor execution of policy in Iraq is I feel not correct. 
Had we not created the conditions in Iraq and Syria ISIS may well have been no where in terms of power.
I would genuinely like to understand why you take this view?
Bigrunner to unbiased 23
You may already be aware that the conditions in the Middle East were created many many years before the latest conflict.
The Middle East is and always will be for the unforeseeable future a tinder box of turmoil, war and devastation.
The United States and Europe made a mistake by attacking Iraq with the notion that the intention was to neutralise the weapons of mass destruction when in reality it was for nothing more than regime change.
The United Kingdom’s Parliament voted in favour of the invasion, the Lib-Dems voted against the invasion, and along with the United States the invasion of Iraq took place and Saddam Hussein along with his government were displaced.  Parliament and the people of the United Kingdom had been wrongly informed of the true intentions for the invasion…that we now know was regime change.
If the vote had gone against the Labour government then Tony Blair stated he would resign.
I have no idea what the long term exit strategy from Iraq was or if there was one, it seems their hadn’t been one properly thought out.
I don’t think we created the conditions for war in the Middle East it’s alway been there smouldering and ready to ignite at the slightest unrest.
All caused by religions of all faiths, until religion it rejected by the masses what traces are left of humanity will further diminish as the years go by and war and destruction will prevail .
The Saudi government must answer for much of the troubles in the regions they financed and still do the Madrasa’s around the world many of the Taliban educated in them.
Power and greed disguised in the garb of Religion is what is at the heart of all this murder and mayhem. 

The time will come when Saudi Arabia and it’s despotic regime are no longer of any use to the Europeans and the United States, at the moment they have free rein to do what they will, but give it time because when finally their usefulness to the western powers declines they will be discarded like some old dish cloth, much the same way they disposed of Saddam Hussein and his henchmen…and so it will go on and on there will always be war till the end of time.