Monday, 15 June 2015

15th June 2015


Mother of Briton killed fighting for al-Shabaab' felt let down by authorities.

A terrorist through and through there’s no doubt about that, and nothing achieved except his own demise.
Was he indoctrinated by his neighbours or close associates?
I suppose for now that cannot be truthfully responded to.
This was a man content to marry a 13 year old child, he therefore must be  branded with the moniker of ‘Potential child abuser’.
The UK is a breeding ground for these murdering misfits, and drastic measures need to be taken by the government to stamp out this radical indoctrination of susceptible people.
A start can be made by banning all faith schools of all denominations, not something that will be achieved easily, but shut down they must be.
It’s the clear and obvious fault of religion and all the mythological fantasy that it preaches, it’s falsehoods and lies destroys truth and logical thinking, and blinds the young and old, the weak and the vulnerable to any logical form of thinking. 
They all fall under the spell of religious myth and superstition that religion teaches, yet the purveyors of this nonsense are unable to supply the tiniest fraction of evidence to show proof of what it claims.
But still it’s followers will continue and remorselessly march on in their blind faith, their faith is steadfast and in total control of them, any rational thinking they have left is out of the window, their belief will even lead some of them to mass murder and even mass suicide.  
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