Tuesday, 16 June 2015

16th June 2015

Aliwaterson to Bigrunner
Saudi Arabia has its own crimes without making them responsible for events around ISIL. I don't think you correctly characterize the relation of the Saudis with events in the north. ISIS are a major threat to house of Saudi as they assert the moral leadership of Sunni fundamentalism. Yesterday's excellent article in the NYRB gives more details.

Bigrunner to Aliwaterson
The Saudi ruling family paid Al Qaeda and Isis along with many other Sunni Islamic terrorists, the Wahhabi’s are the result of exported terror by the bucket load

What happens when Isis is finally defeated ?
Well there will be certainly be mass retribution and thousands more people will be slaughtered in the mopping up campaign that will follow and carried out by the opponents of a defeated Isis.
Just another everyday bloodbath to look forward to in the Hell hole of Syria and Iraq.
The Western powers know that Saudi Arabia is the lynch-pin and driving force that enable these conflicts to continue the country is even involved in the turmoil that’s still going on in Afghanistan.
Until the despotic country of Saudi Arabia is reined in, there will never be peace in the middle east…and until the day they run out of oil, they have free rein to continue doing as they please.

Wahhabism or Sunni Islam is the intolerant version of Islam that everyone is aware of and is supported by Saudi Arabia up to the hilt, it condemns the Shia and any other sects to be non-Muslim or apostates.
Turkey also supported Isis in their aim at subverting the Kurds.
Saudi Arabia with their private and state sponsored support for Isis will now be considering alternative action.
If they do not act now they will come to regret their support and the financial backing of numerous Sunni revolts in Syria, that they gave with a nod and a wink. 
Saudi have helped to create this Isis monster, a monster that will see their own downfall and final destruction if it’s allowed to continue and grow.
If Isis do by some remote chance increase and improve their strategy and gain more and more territory in their endeavours to try and bring about their much spouted Caliphate, then you can bet the House of Saudi will eventually be their next target.
But of course the United States and Europe would never allow this to happen, they would finish Isis off in no uncertain terms if this even became anything other than a threat.
So when the time comes that the United States have become bored and had enough of these ragamuffins killing each other and have decided that enough is enough, they will finally put a stop to it.
Then when that’s all sorted off they will go to look elsewhere in the world to offer their help and assistance and their charity in their impossible task to bring peace to this world of ours, a world always at war, war without end.
Where would we be without war ?
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