Friday, 19 June 2015

19th June 2015

Anyone youngster of whatever faith, clan, tribe, or whatever they wish to be labeled with, who feels in the slightest way that Isis appeals to them, should reject it from their minds immediately and they should continue to reject it every time the thought raises it’s ugly head, they should reject it again and again, and replace it with a strong and positive condemnation for the revulsion that it makes any sane and decent person feel.
There are those of course who maybe only temporarily of their minds and accept these mindless moronic sadistic killers for what they are, they must ask themselves…
Do they accept rape to be normal ?
Does their appeal to Isis include the thought that Isis accepts and practices paedophilia ?
Would they be willing to take part in the abuse of woman and young children ?
Can they accept the mutilation of men woman and children ?
If they agree then they should be in an institution for the insane.
If Isis appeals to you then you will have to take very seriously your dangerous irrational thinking and pause for thought, because if this desire is so strong and over powering that your thoughts are compelling you to join up with Isis then this almost certainly marks you with mental problems that you should certainly seek help with.
If help is not sought and all reason is absent from the mind, then to actually join up with these doomed criminals who are nothing more than grotesque excuses for human beings will be the cause of your inevitable demise, there is one thing you can be sure of if you join Isis, your life will be a very short and a wasted one. 

Wahhabism along with all religions is a false preface to all the young and old alike, presented and imposed on them by men and woman who have not a clue what they are talking about.
Inflicting this fallacious claptrap on people who would otherwise be able to make a worthwhile and realistic contribution to the world. 
But what is the result of their religious study, their belief and following ?
The final result is that the only life they have, or ever will have is sacrificed permanently on the altar of ignorance by believing all this blatant religious woo woo...what a waste !

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Guardian Report
The former cabinet minister Lady Warsi has taken issue with David Cameron’s decision to focus on people in British Muslim communities who may condone Islamist extremism while brushing over other factors in radicalisation.
The Conservative peer, who has criticised the government for failing to adequately engage with Muslim communities
A great deal of multi-cultural success would be achieved if only more of the Muslim community would engage in a more positive way to become one with the rest of their neighbours. All those who say they condemn Islamic extremism should do so in public, and let it be known loud and clear that they oppose it and are revolted by what it represents. 
The Muslim community must play their part they and other ethnic communities are the people who can help mend and heal the divide, and the mistrust and racism that we all have to suffer and live with.
And it is the Muslim community if anybody who are at fault and not the government like it was stated by the Lady Peer.
The multi-cultural society of Great Britain is a failure, but at least we tried, unfortunately multiculturalism never seems to work out. 

Guardian Report
Members of Brazil’s growing evangelical movement are increasingly threatening to followers of Candombl√©, as the churches compete for souls and space

Religious Leaders of whatever stripe, lead and rule the mental and physical lives of Billions of people around the world with their rhetorical nonsensical preaching, and may I add mostly parrot fashion, from books that bear nothing but mostly fictitious gibberish savage and cruel tales of such barbarity it’s difficult why they are ever called Holy Books.
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