Monday, 29 June 2015

29th June 2015

Where is the condemnation and expressions of horror that we hear from certain communities when they are offended or say they are discriminated against ? 
Within the Muslim community the silence is deafening, Baroness Warsi who is so very volatile and quick in defence of any Muslim who seems to her not to be getting a fair deal appears to have took a vow of silence.
Take note, that leading Muslim figures have mainly remained completely silent and invisible regards making any protest or comment on the slaughter of innocent people in France, Tunisia and Kuwait by these Muslim psychopaths who say they follow and practice the religion of Islam...where is the condemnation ?
British politicians need to speak up and say what they believe and stop lying every time they say that Islam is a religion of peace when they know perfectly well that Islam is anything but a religion of peace, it is a religion of war and conquest and that is what they should be saying loud and clear to and sundry. 
I must add attempted conquest because in most cases Islam is defeating it’s whole purpose of world domination, it is self-defeating they are killing each other on a daily basis at such a rate that it is mind boggeling, and by doing so are turning the majority of the civilised world against them.
The western powers may now be reaching the point of where they will react leaving these Jihadist extremist followers of Islam with nothing to look forward to but retribution, a violent backlash from civilian and military alike in all countries for all the pain and suffering they have caused. 
All this unnecessary conflict is in the name of fly by night fantasy stories of prophets and angels and other silly made up stories all swallowed hook line and sinker even by people with so called educational qualifications but obviously no intelligence to speak of.
Religious instruction can and should be read and taught to children in school to give them a broader understanding and positive outlook on life and explained to them in a way that they are able to understand and it should not drummed into them parrot fashion. 
Let the children make up their own minds, If they are left alone they will realise in time that like all other stories of fiction these tales are there to be read and enjoyed or not enjoyed, it is up to them to decide to accept religion or reject it, and when they are older and more mature that’s what they will do.
Religion is the cause of so much suffering and conflict with it’s superstitious nonsense it causes murder, division and hatred and endless suffering between otherwise peacful and rational people.
Religion of any faith should not be supported by any governments in any way whatsoever.