Tuesday, 30 June 2015

30th June 2015

Have you religious parents remembered to keep your children informed that they are sinners? 
And if they don’t obey God and fear God while at the same time loving God they will always remain sinners and be damned and I am sure these misguided and brainwashed parents wont forget to press that point home into the pliable young minds of their offspring that the approach of their ultimate death is a certainty and that nobody can escape death and that only God knows when, and how and where that will happen and (looney parents of course, they maybe educated but obviously lacking any basic intelligence) that there souls will for all eternity live in a place of unquenchable burning fire, a place of torment and remorse and misery if they do not obey the will of God.
You could go on and on and on with all this stuff that you get from the Old Testament from the Judaism and the Christian Bible the Koran and other religious books till the cows come home. 
All of these people are wasting their lives away, because it all means nothing, it is all empty and pointless superstitious rhetoric.
Without religion and all the cruelty and divisive nature that it’s practice created in the past and still does in the world we inhabit today we would without doubt now be living in a more civilised peaceful and safer place. 

Men woman and children the world over suffer terribly from reading and believing the contents that are within their pages.
There are millions of people who because of their lack of reading skills would not be able to read any of this claptrap in the first place so it is drummed into them parrot fashion day after relentless day, if only they would reject all this fictitious Woo-Woo the world would be a better place.