Tuesday, 9 June 2015

9th June 2015


I suppose you have to pick some subject to write about now that the election is over and the defunct disorganised Labour party have no longer anything to offer of any substance or of any value to the country, but then they never had anything in the first place, and that’s why the electorate dumped them.

The tit-bit of journalism that is published here in the Guardian today is a weak and feeble effort to convince everyone that everything is downhill for us all from here on in, and we must fight to make our cities healthier...and that’s it!
There are plenty of wonderful Parks all around the United Kingdom all excellently maintained and they will remain excellently maintained, there is also ample space for cyclists.
Anyway a great deal of these irresponsible cyclists are on the pavement most of the time when they should be riding in the cycle lane...more cycle lane’s are needed.
Cycling tackles stress levels that may well be so, that’s if you can survive a collision with a taxi or a Bus or HGV vehicle, because if that occurs your stress levels will be without doubt more than likely a thing of the past.
The Conservatives are in government now and everybody accepts that, Labour is finished they had their opportunity and blew it.
Extremists groups rely heavily on the support of their local communities, they need them in their persistent efforts to recruit vulnerable young people, they use their influence to coerce youngsters to their way of thinking by feeding them false information about religion and economic conditions that they tell them will result in their failure to gain any worthwhile future employment.
This is one of the main causes of extremism, all these idiotic ignorant and intolerant religious dogmatic fanatical hotheads that inhabit the faith schools around the country. 
These faith schools have no place in the modern world and should be closed down.