Wednesday, 1 July 2015

1st July 2015

Guardian - Owen Jones 

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One of the reasons why we are in this worsening position today is the result of left wing politicians and their friends who created and encouraged what they now know to be a failed multi-cultural society, we should have a common secular culture not a multi-cultural one, a culture that brings cohesion and acceptance of each other, but instead we have all this division and mistrust and the root cause is religion, people will use their specific religion as a marker or badge to their very own identity, this by it obvious divisiveness causes segregation, and now segregation with all it’s problems is rife in the United Kingdom.

KThorpe to Bigrunner
You are around 2000 years out of date with trying to introduce monoculture to Britain. People of different faiths and ethnicity were arriving Britain when it was part of the Roman Empire, indeed before. Perhaps you felt that giving Nonconformists, Roman Catholics and Jews equal rights with Anglicans at the start of the 19th century was the wrong step. If this was the case then in the 18th century when Noncomformist denominations because stronger should these people have been purged? Should it have happened earlier when Puritans appeared in the 16th and 17th centuries. Or should England and Scotland have excluded Protestants entirely and these countries have adhered to the Roman Catholic Church? When do you draw your line for the monoculture?
Should Britain tried to have been isolationist despite being a trading nation and shut out any non-Anglican Christian, Jew, Muslim, etc. from coming to these islands? Should Britain have shut out refugees fleeing persecution on the Continent, if so, at what stage? When Spain was trying to suppress the Dutch Rebellion in the Eighty Years War? At the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes? In the 1930s in the face of Nazism?
Is the problem older still, can we blame King Harold for losing and allowing 'English' culture to be subsumed beneath that of Norman France? Was King Alfred too slow off the mark to keep the Danes out? Can we blame Boudicca for not throwing the Romans back into the sea? Or should someone have been at the border turning back migrants coming across the land bridge into the territory that some day would be the UK? Clearly they lacked your foresight.
Very few countries have succeeded in keeping out a range of people. Even the totalitarian dictatorships have failed in getting people to cling to one, secular creed. You might call it perverse that people like to be unique or to be part of a community that is not 'mainstream' and every religion in the world has people who convert to it. How could you have prevented these things without the harshest form of 'thought police' the world has ever seen?
Britain has always been a cross-roads region. The people who have lived in these islands took special effort in going out into the world and connecting with others on every continent. Isolationism and monoculturalism whether in religion or any other identifier has been impossible even before the end of the last ice age.

In response to Bigrunner
When islamic parties will arise in Europe, the left will have a tiny little problem on their hands. They will drop the muslims like a hot potato (like they did before with the white working class), but by then it might be too late for the left.

Bigrunner to KThorpe
You seems to be more interested in some bygone era that does not reflect the problems of today, it’s the future that concerns the majority of right minded people in the United Kingdom and not tale’s of the Roman Empire or Boudicca, or King Harold it seem like you need to wake up to reality and keep in tune to what’s happening around you in the world today.
I also think you should maybe try again with a sensible comment because it’s obvious that you’re reply to my comment was an attempt to try and show me how clever you are, I have to tell you that you have failed miserably.
Your comment is full of pointless and irrelevant questions, I suggest you go back to Google where you got the questions from, then you will be able to answer them for yourself.