Friday, 3 July 2015

3rd July 2015

Many people are confident in their belief that all religion is built on myth, magic, superstition and sorcery, it’s safe to say that the world of religion, politics and finance along with some of the political and religious leaders is somewhat unhinged and out of control to say the least. 
There is this mixture of religions and politics where for the moment amidst all the confusion, it seems that political terrorism concealed under the guise of religion appears to have the upper hand and strongly united and gaining ground, while religion in the wider sphere seems divided and unstable.
Separating religion from politics is an impossible task, they are both from the same mould.
Whether Tim Fallon get elected or doesn’t get elected is going to be of no concern to anybody in the UK, the LibDem are a spent force, they are finished, they are irrelevant.


Tim Fallon is one of many examples and proof that religion is deeply ingrained within politics, and it appears some opponents of Tim Fallon are now exploiting religious issues concerning the man.
Everybody should accept that religion is deeply ingrained within politics, and because of it’s influence it weakens the integrity of politicians who make decisions on our behalf.
Decisions that are influenced mainly by their religious conscience, and therefor susceptible to irretrievable errors that can have a devastating effect on individuals and on the country as a whole.
And all because they believed more adamantly that their religion and it’s teachings are more important, even more important than realistic government policy.
And lets not forget the Prime Minister selects the Archbishop of Canterbury, you can’t tell me that’s not political.

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I don't have a problem with Christians, on the whole, as long as they accept a plurality of belief in what is now a post-Christian society. Likewise Muslims, as long as they share my belief in democracy and individual freedom. I have a Jewish component to my own ancestry so I'm hardly going to be anti-Semitic, although obviously there's a debate to be had around contemporary Israeli politics.
But Liberal Democrats are beyond the pale, I'm afraid. Entirely beyond forgiveness and utterly outside of civilised society.

Bigrunner to misterbaxter
Then you do have a problem because Muslims will not accept a plurality of belief that you would hope for, and democracy is out of the window.
Yes out of the window, like you would be if you tried to convince them otherwise.

misterbaxter to Bigrunner
Muslims are not a uniform mass, all thinking alike and acting alike. There are very many strands within Islam which take radically different stances on almost every issue - you can see this clearly in the amount of Muslim against Muslim violence in the world. And within each sect or strand there are huge diversities of opinion and belief. You can't talk about 'Muslims' and expect to be in any way right, any more than you could say with confidence that all British people believe something.

Bigrunner to misterbaxter
I agree that Muslims are not a uniform mass, more of a mess that is trying to negate civilisation   
with it’s preposterous rantings and exclamations of doom and destruction, aggressive submission is the name of the game they must fight unbelievers and they must convert them or subjugate and if they can’t subjugate them…then kill them!
I also agree about the diversity of opinion, and accept that it is present in all religions not just Islam, and that is fine. 

But all too often religious diversity and opposing opinions clash, then the true character of religion raises it ugly head and spawns all the violence and torture resulting in the self inflicted slaughter all because one religion or cult will not accept the opinion of another just as stupid religion, religion violates the dignity of humanity, depravity in word and deed is what you will find…is the constant companion of religion. 

supergroovegod to Bigrunner
"Many people are confident in their belief that all religion is built on myth, magic, superstition and sorcery"
It is. That's why we're confident.

Bigrunner to supergroovegod
Just so long as your happy.

supergroovegod to Bigrunner
My happy what?

youbloominlefties to Bigrunner
You don't need to be happy to know that there's absolutely no reason to believe religion is anything other than some kind of code for living life.

Bigrunner to youbloomilefties
Neither do you need religion to live a good moral and ethical life.