Sunday, 5 July 2015

5th July 2015

I agree that Muslims are not a uniform mass, more of a mess that is trying to negate civilisation with it’s preposterous rantings and exclamations of doom and destruction, aggressive submission is the name of the game they must fight unbelievers and they must convert them or subjugate them and if they can’t subjugate them…then they must kill them!
I also agree about the diversity of opinion, and accept that it is present in all religions not just Islam, and that is fine. 
But all too often religious diversity and opposing opinions clash, then the true character of religion raises it ugly head and spawns all the violence and torture from within, resulting in slaughter, all because one religion or cult will not accept the opinion of another religion or cult. 
Religion violates the dignity of humanity. 
Depravity in word and deed that is what you will find to be the constant companion of religion. 

These religious brainwashed fanatics don’t function like rational human beings, they possess no free will, all free will and freedom of expression was taken away from them in childhood, they are the slaves of an extreme fundamentalistic monotheistic and barbaric religion, a religion that will ultimately lead some of them to their own and final premature demise.
All religions entrap the young and innocent, the easy led and simplistic minded, there must be hundreds of religions all preaching to their followers a life based on myth and superstition.
There is no hope that human rights can ever be adhered to while religion of any stripe is imposed by threats of damnation and suffering for all eternity, that is unless you prostrate your pathetic self before a mythical god and be slavishly submissive to it.
With that kind of mentality their will never be peace in the world.
Religion is the biggest and most dangerous source of pollution that we have to live with. 
Children must be protected from it’s suffocating embrace, we need to eliminate this poison from our every day life.
It is without doubt the greatest danger to survival of this planet.