Tuesday, 29 November 2016


Zain Van chaeffer to Bill Johnson
for someone who doesn’t believe in god u certainly seem to know alot about God ru u sure ur not an agent?

Bill Johnson to Zain Van scaeffer
If I was an ‘agent’ how many souls do you think I would have to capture to earn a comission?
I have also read lots of other fiction, and I know a little about the authors of those books too.
If you read the Qur’an  and digest the fundamental core of the Qur’an’s content then there is no doubt you are aware that Muslims are not to keen on non-Muslims, and that is because the Qur’an teaches that you should detest non- believers, and that you should discriminate against them, suppress them and make war against them.
And not forgetting slavery, that was until the western world put a stop to the evils of slavery or at least most of it.