Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Agreed woman are all that

 Zain Von schaeffer to Bill Johnson 
Agreed, woman are all that and more thats why we are taught that heaven lies at the feet of our mothers n to see our wives in the same light as our mothers as they will be the mothers of our children.
n nobody will can n will every comprehend what he is but know that he is all powerful , remember we think in the the tense of what we see in this world but what is discribed in the hereafter is something totally different, exactly like and a mirror if you use your heart u will see god in everything that he has created. they beautiful flowers the human body the rocks the sand everything.

Bill Johnson to Zain Von schaeffer
We all have to be honest with ourselves when we are asked about God, you said ’Nobody will ever comprehend what he is’.
And then you say ‘He’ so you are assuming God is a male person, who is all powerful.
I expect if you look back a few years then you may be able to recollect who it was that told you God was an all powerful male, and also that there was an hereafter.
All this information just didn’t pop into your head, real flesh and blood mortal adults men/woman told you all that.
So if this infinite God exists like so many people take for granted that it does exist, then it must have performed some sort of self replication even before it was in existence itself.
How can it do that?