Friday, 18 November 2016

Arrogance? I dont think so

Bill Johnson to Chris Saxton
I said it was not arrogance, you have misinterpreted my comment about seeing something or not seeing something.
I have every right to express my opinion, whether you like it or not, and you also have the same right.
Maybe your problem is that you are too firmly rigidly set in your ways, making you afraid to question and enquire without fear and so debilitating your ability to accept any opinions or theories that are not compatible with your own.

Chris Saxton to Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson back to square one. 
just because YOU cannot see it.
YOU cannot feel it.
its NOT REAL....sheer stupidity. 
i know nothing about brain surgery or building submarines....but I can appreciate that a type of design,skill,order and teamwork was necessary to deliver that form to the physical world, even if I disagree with the nature of the thing - as conventional human reasoning and structure allow in this false 'physical' realm.
YOU have no right telling people what they can and cannot perceive or if they have been to heaven or mars or wherever..... I wouldn't dare question someone elses experiences of life.your bigoted, arrogant, I'm always right attitude is amazing to watch.programming which never allows you to get any further out of the confusion you are in.