Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Did I say inferior or indifferent?

Zain Von schaeffer to Bill Johnson
did i say inferior or different? 
no matter what tribe white red orange woman have always been treated as inferior.in my opinion woman should have a higher place in society because they are the mothers n alot of guys are douche bags n leave them to raise kids on their own. 
now on the islamic aspect. woman are actually supposed to be treated like the queens they are men are supposed to be the providers so that woman do not strain theirselves but in todays age men have become sissies n expect woman to work for them, in my opinion n from what ive seen some woman would prefer the husband to work n for them to be spoiled i find no harm in that especially when they are the raisers of the next generation but ya if u call that seeing them as inferior then ok. 
to me the mere fact that we here is proof but thats just me, science is all around us so is god he created science. 
inevitably there had to be a start n eventually there will be an end just like life why do you have to see everything to believe it when u breather eveeryday n yet u dont see the air.

Bill Johnson to Zain Von schaeffer 
All humans are not made equally, men are in more case’s than not physically stronger than woman, intellectually many woman are far more superior to men because of natural ability and/or superior education, but within a global context woman in some countries are treated deplorably and there is no escaping that fact.
There are woman who raise they’re children without the assistance of a man, and that also applies in the case of men who also raise they’re children without the help of a woman/mother…Ditto!
You said God is all around us, but you don’t explain what God is.
And Finally you don’t have to see everything to believe it exists, you cannot see the back of your head without the reflection of a mirror, but you obviously know that its there, also you can see air when light waves interact with it in the atmosphere.