Saturday, 26 November 2016

Edaucated people

Bill Johnson to Zain Van schaeffer
When you see an educated person/people behaving like ignoramuses that is where you will find religion to be at its most prolific, and despite the efforts of education, it’s the home environment and the cultural upbringing of children that allows so many adults to be quite capable of overriding logic and evidence.

Zain Van schaeffer to Bill Johnson
so what u trying to day about the ones who studied islam for years n still studying islam thats an abundance of knowledge n yet they still follow islam even scientist:

Bill Johnson to mughal Iqbal
The advice you give in the search for truth with true intention is noted.
Don’t forget that reality is also an extremely important component when your seeking the truth.
My advice to you is that you should question your faith more, you should have doubts, you say you believe and bear witness that there is no God but Allah, but all you’ve got to keep your argument together is blind faith with no evidence.
All truth comes from knowledge, and truth and knowledge are achieved by inquiry, rationality, logic and the ability to reason.
Islam like all religions cannot possibly evolve they must forever remain steadfast to an archaic ideology.  
With reference to ignorance maybe you should take the advice of Shakh Yasir Qadhi when he quoted the following.
‘Be careful of laughing at others, for perhaps Allah might forgive their ignorance, and not forgive you your arrogance’.

mughal Iqbal to Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson while we are engage in proving our agendas.......... illuminaties are ready to control this world by their cult agendas and divide and rule........ my suggestion to both of you with due respect is that please please please instead of proving truth to each other seek truth....... and if you seek truth with true intention you both will find yourself on same point and that point is islam...... without any inch of doubt ....... I bear witness that there is no God except Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is his servant and messenger.
thanks mr bill you made me know my religion even better......... thank you very much and May Allah give me guidance to be a better practising muslim...... now I am even more convinced that Islam is the most beautiful, trustworthy and peaceful religion on this earth. Thanks for making me clear all my doubts..... and without Islam there is no way out of fitna of shitan (lucifer)
Prolific Islam is not a step to backward...... Islam is most modern and civilized way of life..... but ignorant people don't understand it...... all you