Friday, 25 November 2016

Freedom of choice

Zane Van chaeffer to Bill Johnson
LMAO you got time for jokes. i have freedom of choice .n freedom of expression. why would i want to critisize it when i see it as perfect. theres enough people critisizing it already you being one of them. thing is i dont wanna be like you a hopeless hopeless (and yes i meant it twice). thats the rules yes but if you give her permission to be herself that makes u a better.i told u my feelings on woman in the begin im not going to repeat myself. yes alcohol is forbidden mainly because it harms your senses and body so why would it be permissable? yes we are not why would we want to what the do is wrong is see it as wrong too yes i now they cannot help their impulse but if they can contain themselves then why not assisciate with then. i know someone who is gay and he held back his impulse for fear and love of the creator.actually u have to wash with your left hand not cannot, and wash what? duh!!! yes we do not eat halal food whats wrong with that? yes alot more. madness and murder hmmmm ok and athiests dont murder? lol hogwash some examples:
yep then u in the hottest water of you life for how u have mocked him throughout ur life.
yep it was a friend thats not my friend any though the one good thing he did in my life was take me to madressah, dont get me wrong I was born Muslim but not really staunch I could choose what I wanted to coz my dads Muslim mums Christian so about age 13 or so why do u ask.
 It wasnt an indoctrination he ask me if I wanted to know more about my religion so I went n I actually liked it. Slow learner coz of my age at the time but amazing. 
Yes it is true thats how I see it anyway. 
Granpa I have enough fun without alcohol contrary to ur belief of islam its not all doom n gloom Muslims do still have a life u. 
So having sex with many woman is fun? 
How disrespectful is that to woman? 
U can have loads of sex with your wife
guess what islam only gives to restrictions during a womans period n anal so as much as u think u know uncle bill u do not know everything neither do I.
Prove what? 
U cant have fun as Muslim just within the bounds. 
Most of what u comment is mostly rubbish alot of it sounds intelligent but when u actually read into it didly squat

Bill Johnson to Zain Van chaeffer 
Can yo tell me who was it that introduced you to your God?
Can you remember that day?
Was that person related to you?
How old was you at the time of indoctrination?
Is it true if you reject your faith you can lose your life?
Way not just get on with the life you have, have fun, get drunk, and have loads of sex, because you will never get another chance.
And if you don’t agree prove it.
The fact is you cannot prove it.
So what you need to do now Zane is submit to my superior intelligence, it is quite obvious that most of what you comment on is… Rhubarb!