Thursday, 24 November 2016


Bill Johnson to mughal Iqbal
I know that Islam itself cannot ask you, but the teachings of the Qur’an can convince you.
It is an individuals choice like 9/11 New York, London, Paris, or maybe in some war torn quarters of the world it’s not a choice, surly you have read reports of young teenagers and even innocent younger boys and girls having explosive body belts fitted to their bodies by morally deprived deviants who must be devoid of any human decency, and its all done in the name of religion I will leave it for you to ponder the rest.
Yes I have noticed the number of homeless men woman and children who are fleeing to Europe for safety and shelter from the terrorists in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, North Africa and other countries, and those poor people who are genuine and in need of help and are not illegal economic migrants I welcome them. 
With reference to drugs most drug addicts are not homeless or penniless but influential business people, and people in and connected to the entertainment industry.
Even if we don’t follow Allah its never going to harm anyone.
Harm is caused by flesh and blood real people and not by Gods, protection and love is also given by people and not by Gods.
But in this crazy world that is swamped by religious zealots it all depends on which side you support.