Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Some people understand

lavida mack - Comment
I do understand that some people is asleep when it comes to the knowledge of Christ and being save! 
The Bible is to be discuss not to be in a battle about it because it explains itself very clear!  
Those who have an ear let him hear,  it's  only one way to the kingdom of God and that is through  repentance! 
This is not something I made up it's  in the word!  
A lot people  love to add and take away  from God's  word so they can validate their sins. 
Either your going to love God or hate him! 
Either your going to repent and be forgiven or don't repent and go to hell!  
As for the Alzheimer's people,  it depends on their life before they were  diagnosed with that disease. 
If they we're a sinner before and did not  repent then they're still a sinner.  
If they repented before they got  Alzheimer's disease then they are save!
As for the mentally ill, that don't know any better and they will probably  enter into his kingdom!!!! 
God is the righteous  judge. 
It doesn't  matter what your teacher says if it's not true then that's  your fault for not picking up the Bible and  read and study for yourself! 
So don't  get mad cause of your ignorance,  it's very clear to the true believers! 
Hope you have a blessed  day and read and study for yourself!

Bill Johnson to lavida mack
What make you so certain that people are asleep when it comes to the knowledge of Christ?
What do you know about God that others have been deprived of?
How do you know those with Alzheimer’s are saved if they repented before the illness?
Do the mentally ill remain mental when they get to heaven?
In what way is God the righteous judge?
Why does God allow suffering?
Will I go to Hell if I don’t read the bible?
Can you explain why I need to repent for?
I’m sure you mean well in everything you say but the reason I ask these questions is because I’m curious with regards to some parts of your comment where it appears to give the impression that you know the mind of God.