Monday, 28 November 2016

The Bible

Bill Johnson to Serina2021
I never said the bible is taught in schools.
I accept you do your own research, but to do research you must also read what others have written, study their work and their ideas and then come to your own conclusions about what is factual and what is fiction, there are numerous interesting subjects that are simply based on unfounded possibilities, some studies are just theories and others after intensive study have proven to be completely false.
We are told God created all things…then why did God create evil?
Be honest and ask yourself a few more questions.
Like…Why do I believe in God? 
Is my reason for believing in God motivated by my fear?
Do those people with alzheimer’s disease or other suffering from mentally related illness have free will?
Why was the son of God sacrificed, for something that was created by God?
If God created all things then God also created sin, so you must agree that he sent himself to be sacrificed for something he created himself.
Where did you get all this information about Gods gate, or Heaven and Hell?
You’re just repeating what someone’s told you at some earlier stage in your life maybe at school or church or wherever, and now you’ve totally convinced yourself that what they told you is true.
Why doesn’t God just forgive everyone for their faults and allow them in Heaven?
If God is loving, gentle, kind and forgiving why does God punish people by supposedly casting them into a burning lake of fire to be damned for all eternity?