Saturday, 19 November 2016

Threat of Extinction

Chris Saxton to Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson right...well you've just sunk back to where you were.... you wouldn't go to a known liar for an honest opinion.... you'll get nothing which is TRUTH from this world. 
you have to leave this world and journey into yourself - a journey I don't think you'll ever make.
you are back to telling people what is real and what is not....and you have no right and you are making yourself look foolish....those who know, and your masters - who really know will be shaking their heads.
you are the man who said humans would never fly.
you are the man who said 'impossible' to all the things we take for granted today in our modern world.... a dinosaur who's had his day - absolutely unwilling to move forward and try something new. extinction for you....

Bill Johnson to Chris Saxton
If God believers do not work on evidence then they cannot actually know what it is they are trying to explain, in other words they have no idea what they are talking about.
Without evidence, all replies on spirituality are just not plausible, you present no rational justification for your beliefs in any reply .
You suggest that I should stop doubting, by doing that your saying I should take everything for granted and accept your world of magic and demons, over enquiry, reason and logic.
You mention frequencies, frequency means the possible number of time’s something may or may not occur.
You also seem to expect me to believe that you have some special relationship with this creator, the only time you may have thought you stood before your creator was in your dreams. 
Evidence come from an independent source proving or disproving a statement or theory made by another party.
If you are content living in your world of magic then that is your choice, I have no interest in interfering in your illusionary 
world of high and low frequency, or the creator who inhabits your world.
Now let’s face reality, I do agree there are millions of people in the world who accept all this fundamental non-sensical religious bogey-man nonsense, and most of them are on the verge of insanity.