Monday, 28 November 2016


Bill Johnson to Zane Van schaeffer
A bit of waswas in your comment to mughal Iqbal I noticed.
How many different faiths are in existence?
I’ll answer that myself…thousands!
How can they all be right?
They cannot all be right.
And the result of just one religion being correct and the remaining religions all being false religions means that the majority of humans are non-believers, and are therefor destined for Hell.
That means most of Allah’s creation have already been or soon will be damned to eternal torture and torment in a place called Hell for eternity, and just because they had never known this God, or maybe they are getting punished for innocently having prayed to a simple piece of wood or even a moon God, or maybe they didn’t believe that a white stone was sent from Heaven that eventually turned black after absorbing the sins of people.
But then God is an all forgiving loving and caring infinite power we are told, so it doesn’t matter what religion you follow, or even if you believe in God, because God is all forgiving and loves you. 
So if this entity existed, it’s reasonable to assume that it could not be a tender loving and forgiving God at all but more of a savage brutal sadistic and narcissistic beast that will cast you into a burning inferno for not getting on your knee’s and worshipping and adoring it.

Zane Van schaeffer to Bill Johnson
and why would u not want to fear the one created u,why would u not adore n love the one who created u,
 islam does not say that at one point the Jewish or Christian faith was was wrong but once they started changing what the Torah n the Bible was to suite the churchs n not God plan islam was sent, n because the Quran is to be memorised it can never be changed. 
Worshipping stones n idols is like a saying u wprshipping gods creation n not God so its not disbelief in God its disbelief in wrong things