Sunday, 20 November 2016

would you prefer to live in a cave?

Aikunie78 - comment
We people find ourselves on this planet called Earth, we eat, drink, sleep and poo, going to work and coming back home. The mind gets engaged in a particular activity of fascination but things usually come back full circle. I think though, it's a world of plenty but people like us, die daily from starvation, diseases and neglect which people in the world can choose to fix, if wish to do so. Scientists, Politicians, Teacher, Religious leaders and Government are singing from their own song sheets, we have iPhones now, a smart phone but makes people lazier and less "smart'. Somehow, I think we may be going the wrong path! Even now with the Internet of Thing, your fridge will send a shopping list of needed items to the local store and your lights will switch on automatically, and so on...wonder what happens to our brain cells then! Unfortunately for us, we live in a bubble, with no point of reference, so difficult to prove we are heading for something bad..may be the two world wars in the past were warnings? All I have said makes me want to have faith that it is possible that a saviour like Jesus can save us from destruction. I particularly resonated with the idea that God, a master creator and author of life has put evidence of his existence in creation, which I am ready to accept, Man has polluted...the richer get richer and the poor get poorer - number proof of the true nature of humans, even in a family, the stronger and healthier help the weaker ones, not oppress them. Okay, I better pick up my bible again, it's up to everyone whether they believe on not, it's all up to you! May God save us

Bill Johnson to Aikunie78
Would you prefer to be living in a cave, half starved with a life expectancy of less than 20 years? 
If you believe there is a creator of the Universe, and that creator also created mankind along with all the life within that Universe, well if we  are heading for some form of destruction like you say, then its the creators fault.