Saturday, 3 December 2016

A diet of lies

Bill Johnson
With reference to India in this video, for those who are not aware of it, something like 70 million plus Indians were slaughtered by Muslims within 500 years from 1000 onwards, also the Muslim Pakistani army killed around 3 million people, almost all of them Muslims during the war of independence for Bangladesh in 1971.
Sheikh Imran Hosein cannot possibly in all honesty believe his own words when he made the glib comment by saying ‘You must always turn to the Qur’an when pursuing any subject at all’.
The Qur’an is not absolutely true and neither is the Bible or the Torah/Tanakh, and for anyone to suggest these books are the fountain of wisdom and knowledge, then there is only one thing you can say about those people, and that is they must have been raised fed and nurtured on a diet of unintentional lies by some people, and deliberate lies and the falsification of facts by others resulting in their inability to accept reality, leaving them without any form of logical or rational thinking, and now they are lost in an intellectual void, destroyed by the curse of religious downright lies and fabricated nonsensical stories that’s been inflicted upon them all the days of their lives, and will remain with many of them till that day arrives when they will gasp their last and final breath.