Thursday, 9 February 2017

All cultures...

Asif Saied to Bill Johnson
In pretty much all cultures it is frowned upon to lie in bed with another person whom you are not married to. This is adultery. 
It is acceptable however to lie in bed with a spouse. In Islam this taboo is expanded from adultery to include simple skin to skin contact with the opposite gender. The only exceptions is what I stated before. To the average westerner, this appears to be a ridiculous rule due to their culture which allows casual mixing of opposite genders. However, many eastern cultures do not allow this, and Islam is a religion that does not allow this either. Simple as that. The reason why you have to wash yourself after is because touching a non-relative is seem as a very mild form of adultery, because touching can create sexual sensations. Therefore, before a Muslim can pray, he or she must wash themselves as a form of spiritual purification. It is not due to "cooties" or anything like that. It is spiritual.